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Language Lessons

7 May, 2010 от · No comments

Colleen Harris Photo: Capture Queen ™ “Do you know how they say get back in Arabic?” He flicks the safety off, shouts “CLICK!” and waits for us to laugh.

Learning a new language is no baby talk

11 June, 2009 от · No comments

Ellie Ivanova Ponti Photo: woodleywonderworks The best time to learn a new language is around teenagerhood and beyond. Yes, learning at a younger age is always an advantage and young children absorb a new language faster if they are immersed in the respective culture. But they also forget it easier if they are removed from […]

Herring Gulls

26 February, 2009 от · No comments

Vladimir Levchev Photo: selvig On the beach before dark the herring gulls, old men in white with long shadows, strut and chat with each other. We don’t know their language. But we listen.