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A Review of Brian Russell’s Meeting Dad

30 March, 2010 от · 1 comment

Barry George Brian Russell’s Meeting Dad is a memoir of his efforts to reconcile with his natural father. The story unfolds with a sense of urgency and anticipation. Russell is a fourteen-year-old living in Buffalo; Bob Jaycox is a salesman now living in San Juan, Puerto Rico, with his second wife and family. In the […]

“Fia Fia”

3 September, 2009 от · 1 comment

Nancy Ross-Flanigan Photo: YXO The road we took to get to A’oloau was the same road we took to get to Tafuna or Leone or any of the other villages on the island’s west end. If we headed east from Utulei instead of west, that very same road would take us through Fagatogo and Pago […]

Nancy Ross-Flanigan: “Memoir is so much more than a faithful recounting of events”

31 August, 2009 от · 10 comments

Interview with Nancy Ross-Flanigan by Cathy Shap Nickola Halfway through my teens, in the mid-1960s, my father abruptly announced he was moving the family from Oklahoma to a pin-dot of an island in the South Pacific. Strange Territory is a story about learning to feel at home in two alien places at once: the remote […]