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Bacon & Eggs, Cigarettes, and the Courier-Express

6 July, 2013 от · 3 comments

Patrick Cornelius Photo: megnificence Used to fall asleep drunk on Saturday night, leave the shades up and hope mid-morning sun would cheat another comedown Sunday afternoon. Then I could breakfast at the Greek. I gave up hangovers half a life since, but I long for days of cruddy, linoleum tile floors, Formica-top tables with red […]

Wild, Rushing River

1 June, 2013 от · 3 comments

Patrick Cornelius Photo: CTBPhotography In the stark damp twilight of December’s brown and grey a woman’s pulse whispers, Come back. She did test you like litmus paper, damned your wrong colored hues. And still her porcelain charity mocks you, bids you, Come back. You stand beyond her tall iron gates, where no lock accepts your […]