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Artist of the Week — Stoyan Leshtevski

5 June, 2012 от · 1 comment

Petya Hinkova interviews painter Stoyan Leshtevski Photo: Stoyan LESHTEVSKY Abstract paintings should be listened to in order to hear hidden music in them. Stoyan Leshtevski is a caricaturist and abstract artist. He graduated from the University of Veliko Tarnovo where he majored in painting. He currently lives and works in Florida, USA. Stoyan is a […]

Artist of the Week — Jean-Marc Arakelian

2 April, 2012 от · 5 comments

An Interview with Photographer Jean-Marc Arakelian by Petia Hinkova Edited by: Lauren Sophie Kearney Jean-Marc Arakelian: I`m trying to catch the movement Photo: Jean-Marc Arakelian You say that in your photos you are trying to catch the movement. Can you explain that to us? To me aestheticism is movement, movement is harmony, and harmony is […]

Vassilen Vasevski: “Feel in Sync with the Beauty of the World”

29 March, 2012 от · 3 comments

An Interview with Vassilen Vasevski by Petia Hinkova Edited by: Lauren Sophie Kearney You define your style as “metaphysical romanticism”. Do you believe that this somehow reflects the time we live in? I have invented this term myself as an attempt to name the painting style I have been developing. But I also admit there […]