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Meet a Bulgarian Poet: Petja Heinrich

24 November, 2014 от · No comments

Katerina Stoykova-Klemer interviewed poet Petja Heinrich for The Season of Delicate Hunger: Anthology of Contemporary Bulgarian Poetry. Here is her translation of that conversation. What would you like for the American readers to know about Bulgarian poetry? Manyfaced, fragile, resilient. Nurtured with sea, bread and sun. Often thoughtful and nostalgic. Friendly, human, sometimes particularly brightly […]

Petja Heinrich on Square 01: Crosswords of Metaphors

5 December, 2008 от · 2 comments

Ellie Ivanova Ponti Petja Heinrich is a journalist, linguist and writer. Her first book of poetry in Bulgarian is to be presented in Sofia on December 6, 2008. She is an editor for the German-language edition of Public Republic.