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Kiril Kolev: “Photography is for people who don’t like being idle.”

5 April, 2009 от · 1 comment

Natalia Nikolaeva’s interview with Kiril Kolev What are your signature photos? The photos that most people like the most are “Stormy Paris” and “Margaretville”. My favourite one is “Playing with a Glass Ball.” Margaretville I find capturing people challenging, because there is so much going that is so difficult to convey in a snapshot. This […]

Photograph 1934

27 February, 2009 от · No comments

Joy Ladin A variation on “Ein Leben,” by Dan Pagis Photo: amyrod1 I’m standing at the window, a young woman, I can’t remember what age or so my slumping shoulders say

Photo Stroll with Evgeni Dinev

18 October, 2008 от · 3 comments

Virtual exhibition with photos by Evgeni Dinev “In order to take photos that move people, you will have to see with your heart.” Linda Adda, photographer Evgeni Dinev is definitely a person who invests emotion and soul in each of his photos.

The Dog

1 October, 2008 от · No comments

Julie Farkas Photo: Macsurak Remi trained the viewfinder of her camera at the painting of a couple dancing in a bar. They pressed their elongated figures close together, their expressions frozen and sad. The dark wood floorboards wobbled and dipped under their feet and the orange walls and ceilings curved inward. Remi wondered if she […]

Photography – The Art of Capturing the Moment

27 September, 2008 от · 2 comments

“I believe a leaf of grass is no less than the journey work of the stars.” Walt Whitman My introduction to the art of Evgeny Dinev is an insight into the skill of the author to capture the awe and wisdom of the moment, the beauty and uniqueness of the small things; an insight into […]