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Note to Beloved

5 June, 2013 от · 2 comments

Samantha Seto Photo: jessgrrrr My note travels across the room, past mobs of people, it reaches his hands, before he slips it into trash, My face flushes purple, anger rages, heart pounds. In our timed and untimed arrivals, pulleys to the elevator ascend. Casually late, mail travels over double doors, long-distance calls at airport.

Cursed Blessing

29 May, 2013 от · No comments

Samantha Seto Photo: SashaW Monitor electric lines go flat, silence overwhelms, steady pulse whispers death into my sleepless eyes. I prayed for three nights, crying into her nightgown, the ER remained keeper of bad news. Flowers and miniature trinkets lined the bed, Get well soon, only nothing existed. I counted my breaths, pushed back heavy […]

Near the Sea

16 May, 2013 от · 13 comments

Samantha Seto Photo: Moyan_Brenn All is purplish-blue: at heavy surface of the sea, as tides swell and turnover. Opaque water lines the green benches the lobster pots, scattered sea lions among the wild jagged rocks.

One Summer Day

30 April, 2013 от · 33 comments

Samantha Seto Photo: Erik Charlton She whistles for her dogs. To her kitchen to warm the kettle. To her dresser on the wall opposite her bed opposite the window, beside the door as it opened she felt its grain, when she lifted & dropped the pineapple wallpaper,