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Letter to Isabelle Eberhardt

10 February, 2009 от · No comments

David Chorlton Photo: scfiasco Dear Isabelle, I’m writing as one who can’t find his way to a culture he’d want to check into as he would an old hotel where the rooms hold stories about the guests who slept in them and the lobby has a table overloaded with out-of-date magazines

Artist of the Week — Liliya Pobornikova

19 January, 2009 от · 1,150 comments

Vanya Nikolaeva We are surrounded by the elements every single day of our lives. But when do they start being something more than just gifts of nature? When and how do they commence being art? Liliya Pobornikova is one of the people (literally) holding  the answers. She is one of those artists who is able […]

Honeydew Sherbet

27 December, 2008 от · 3 comments

Donal Mahoney Photo: Daylight. Down the patio walk, white stones, through the garden, under the trellis toward me yellow frock, yellow hair rising and falling