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Forced feeding

23 April, 2014 от · 1 comment

Timothy Pilgrim Photo: Corey Leopold Your long hose snakes down from a vat filled with moist corn. Hungry geese gather like elfers around an eel or politicians, a lobbyist feast. Coax one close, lock her with knees, lift head, stretch neck taut like rope or string. Shove your hose past puckered bill, down open throat. […]

Things are well and going good

6 January, 2014 от · No comments

Timothy Pilgrim Photo: Corey Leopold Actually, not true. Life has turned into a fraudulent adverb faking its way to death, disguised as a successful modifier, say, an adjective or gangly participle with a whole covey of obedient followers. As for going good, the well is — how to put it — also a lie,