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This Poem Takes Liberties

4 May, 2010 от · 1 comment

Colleen Harris Photo: The U.S. Army This poem takes liberties with the truth. He was not thinking about how the IED sounded like God bellowing after stubbing a toe. He was not whispering his sister’s names aloud while still deaf from the blast. It is true that the shrapnel shredded the mail, including a letter […]

Getting an Angle on Truth: An Analysis of Narrative Viewpoint in Ian McEwan’s Atonement, Part I

13 December, 2008 от · 3 comments

Linda Cruise Photo: blacksun In regard to storytelling, two facts remain constant: our human love affair with story and that the telling—when it is done well—begets art. What distinguishes one story from another is not its specific plot details so much as the way the writer handles the myriad of decisions that goes into the […]