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New Recognition for Zdravka Evtimova in the UK and USA

16 March, 2012 от · No comments

The two short stories by Zdravka Evtimova: “She Understood” and “The Miracle Maker” (published in the anthology of short stories “Drastic Measures (Short Story Collection)” in the UK in January 2012) inspired the following critical notes on the works of the Bulgarian writer: Again, the idea is a study of where the human mind goes […]


5 July, 2011 от · No comments

Zdravka Evtimova Photo: jenny downing We are all strong and difficult people in our family. My father drank, it was true, but he made the best cornel brandy in Southern Bulgaria, and Bulgarians, Jews, and Greeks alike gave their last pennies to buy Dad’s home brew for their sons’ weddings. My elder brother was the […]

New Fiction by Zdravka Evtimova

30 May, 2011 от · 1 comment

Robert Barton The inaugural story published by Best Fiction is Carts by Zdravka Evtimova. Ms. Evtimova lives in Pernik, Bulgaria, and works as a literary translator from English, French and German. Her short stories have appeared in American journals such as Antioch Review, Massachusetts Review, the anthology New Sudden Fiction, as well as in various […]

I Am Home

22 January, 2011 от · No comments

Zdravka Evtimova Photo: 8363028@N08 Keith knew Hilda would understand. She always did. She was the perfect wife. He sat by the window and she knew she didn’t have to make the slightest noise. If he sat by the fireplace she knew she had to bring him coffee, he liked his coffee black and she remembered […]

The Men She Didn’t Know

21 October, 2010 от · No comments

Zdravka Evtimova Photo: notsogoodphotography Bertha had tried this joke so many times that she had got tired of it. She’d enter one of these large clean cafes on Louisa Boulevard, under the big chestnut trees that looked like old gossipy wives and she’d see a guy sitting at one of the neat tables. She’d choose […]


3 August, 2010 от · No comments

Zdravka Evtimova Photo: megyarsh Shon didn’t have enough money. All his friends had forgotten him. He couldn’t pay his sex tax and that meant that he could no longer be a man. He’d be processed into a stone, and he knew he’d be deaf and blind dust. Each particle of the dust he would turn […]