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YICCA – International Contest of Contemporary Art

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Interview by Dessislava Berndt with the Director of the contest Massimo Toffolo


Who or what is YICCA – International Contest of Contemporary Art?

 YICCA is an ambitious project regarding transparency, comparison and research of new artistic talents. Nowadays it is becoming more and more difficult to comply with the requirements of the art market, in particular – facing the challenge of competing with the constantly increasing number of newly arising artists in the contemporary art field.

Evolution1, FRP2 FilippoRoberto-PiantanidaProsdocimo, Lambda print on aluminum (100×150 cm)

 YICCA offers a precious space, where talent, creativity and new approach to art could be adopted and estimated.

Why and how was decided to found YICCA?

YICCA was founded in 2009. Its foundation was taken under the great influence of the attractive and uncertainty regarding ways of making and thinking about art; that recently have discovered many surprising and unusual forms of art. This general confusion and rapid change of offers is without any doubt challenging and extremely exciting.

Bue + binari, Luca Scodellari, Installation (10 mt)

Which are the goals of YICCA?

The main goal of YICCA is to understand and to improve new talents that are able in this “beautiful chaos” to interpret the upcoming art better.

non erano rose
Non erano rose, Stefano Bolcato, Oil on canvas (70×100 cm)

The first contest organized by Associazione A.p.s. Moho was in 2009 in Italy. The second contest and exhibition are planned for 2010/2011. When and where will the exhibition be placed? Who is going to participate in it?

This second contest is addressed to European artists. We have assembled an international jury to whom is assigned the task of selecting 15 finalists. Those finalists we have a dedicated extended exhibition in Berlin.

ascensione del cane al cielo 28 low res
Ascensione del cane al cielo, Luca Bidoli, Acrylic on canvas (30×40 cm)

Why do you choose a gallery in Berlin?

Recently Berlin has become one of the most important centers of contemporary art culture, after New York and London. In particular, Berlin appears to be one of the youngest cities, and maybe one of the most inclined to present “fresh” art, according to the growing number of galleries and the creative background in constant unrest.

Il richiamo
Il richiamo (detail), Silvia Idili, Oil on wood (20×30 cm)

Is there something new compared to 2009?

There are many new part to the 2010|2011 contest, starting with the higher transparency that is given to the artists and to the contest. At the moment we are engaged in a huge advertising campaign. The purpose of which is to establish a solid base for a classic competition that should not be missed, as well as becoming a benchmark for all galleries that are searching for new talents. The Internationality, the exhibition in Berlin, the business relationship with the hosting gallery and the competent jury are the major changes to this year’s contest.

Blue Rain, Paolo Angelucci, Polaroid 600 (8,8×10,7 cm)

 How will the artists be chosen? 

The artists will be chosen by an international jury, selected among art journalists, critics and artists, all internationally renowned. 

Untitled, Francesco Grani, Optical microscopy (200X) – Lambda print on PVC (80×60 cm)

The jury consists of: 

Coline Milliard – Editor of Modern Painters and ARTINFO, also writing for MAP, Artnet Magazine, Contemporary, Flash Art International and others; 

Mathieu Mercier – Artist, he has exhibited his artworks at many major museums and art centers around the world; 

Douglas Heingartner – Regular contributor to Flash Art, Frieze, I.D., IEEE, Spectrum, Los Angles Times, The Associated Press, The Economist, The Intel Herald Tribune, The New York Times and more; 

Lorenzo Bruni –Inventor and curator of a new art space in Florence, VIANUOVA ARTE CONTEMPORANEA, contributor for Arte e Critica, Mousse Magazine, Flash Art and more; 

Noah Stolz – Director of La Rada, a space for contemporary art based in Locarno (CH); 

Áron Fenyvesi – Executive secretary of the Studio of Young Artist’s Association and the Studio Gallery, Budapest. 

Do you plan some cooperation with other partners and sponsors? Do you plan some awards for the winner? 

YICCA contest is managed by Moho Association. Currently we are planning collaboration with private galleries, foundations and public exhibition spaces. 

Paesaggio del terzo millennio n-¦5
Paesaggio del terzo millennio n°5: zuccherificio?, Andrea Ciresola, oil on linen (90×60 cm)

The winners of YICCA 2010|2011 contest will have the opportunity to exhibit their artwork in Berlin from 5 to 29 of May 2011. The exhibition will be followed by issuing of a general catalog that will include all winners’ profiles. Also, their stay in Berlin during the opening day will be on the expense of Moho Association. 

Could you tell us about your current and future projects? 

The next contest (YICCA 20111|2012) will be open to artists of all nationality and the exhibition will probably take place in Venice, in the area determined for Biennale. 

Our closer agreements with private galleries will give major possibility to artists to enter the art market. 

How would you describe YICCA in five words and why should the artists participate in it?  

Contemporary, International, Young, Innovative and Concrete.

The artists can and have to avail of our work in order to present their self and demonstrate that are able to keep pace with continuous changes of current art. Or better, to anticipate them…

Massimo Toffolo

Margherita Jedrzejewska
Margherita Jedrzejewska, ART DIRECTOR ASSISTANT

Patrick Simonitto

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