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Being Involved in the Arts is Fundamentally about Being a Human

November 10, 2008 by · 5 comments

Interview with Fiona Lorrain by Karen Rigby Fiona Lorrain, née Fiona Sze is an artist whose works range from literary creation to music, theatre and curating. An international award-winning pianist and zheng concertist, she also writes poems, plays and critical prose, often under the pen-name Greta Aart. Currently, she is part of the editorial team […]

Contemporary German History

November 9, 2008 by · No comments

Claudia Bierschenk Photo: Victor Bezrukov Maik clutches the keys, his unlucky charm, as he shows foreign tourists through the hell of his life.

Hamburg’s Mindscapes

November 8, 2008 by · No comments

An interview with the young designer Gradinko Aladinkov by Natalia Nikolaeva Hamburg is the city where I have lived in the past eight years. I am still in the process of discovering its interesting faces, surprising metamorphoses, hidden features and unique charm. It is not a chance that Hamburg’s haunting northern beauty and its original […]

The Miracle of Myrtle

November 7, 2008 by · 2 comments

Donna Ison Photo: FranUlloa To read Chapter 1 click here CHAPTER 2 When Tancy Sloane heard the wobbly wail of the littlest Lawson, she flinched and gripped her grandmother’s hand tighter. The minute she’d heard that Clara Dean had gone into labor, she’d rushed to the hospital to be by Granny Pearl’s side. Not knowing […]

Four Haiku

November 6, 2008 by · No comments

Petar Tchouhov Photo: bcmom * * * пълнолуние още една топка за снежния човек full moon one more ball for the snowman

Free-range Chickens

November 5, 2008 by · No comments

M.J.Iuppa Photo: gina pina Sometimes they arrive on my porch and peck absent-mindedly at the screen door until it opens a crack and I see them standing there, looking at each other, a bit surprised.

Ghost Forest – Introduction

November 4, 2008 by · No comments

Zlatko Enev Photo: gemsling The River in the Box Somewhere on the outskirts of town there was a small cottage surrounded by a large garden. A girl with bright red hair lived there with her mother. Her father, who she used to visit from time to time in a far off town, had left a […]

Fashion Forecast Autumn 2008

November 4, 2008 by · 2 comments

Katherine Van Hook Gulley Clothes, Hair and Make-Up Advice for a Fall Makeover Every season we are bombarded by fashion designers, all hoping to create the latest trends that will catch the public’s attention… and pocket book. From New York to Milan, it can become a head-spinning confusion to take in and try to process […]

The Gypsy and the Horse

November 2, 2008 by · 2 comments

Violeta Boncheva Photo: PUPIL_BCN The Gypsy and the horse Are hauling the kernel of life uphill, hoofs pounding on the precipitous rocks, As the Gypsy is cursing at just about anything that flitters on the face of this earth, and the whip is cracking. Not spared is even his mother, Who flashes her teeth, all […]

Pebbles in the Shoe: Pico Iyer’s Encounters with “Mystery”

November 2, 2008 by · No comments

Barry George Photo: The Wandering Angel About midway through his essays in Sun after Dark (2004), Pico Iyer refers to the Tibetan travels of the early-twentieth-century adventurer Alexandra David-Neel. According to Iyer, the French woman described herself as “a Westerner, a disciple of Descartes,” an expression which Iyer paraphrases by saying she was “committed, in […]