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Fashion Forecast Autumn 2008

November 4, 2008 by · 2 comments

Katherine Van Hook Gulley

Clothes, Hair and Make-Up Advice for a Fall Makeover

Every season we are bombarded by fashion designers, all hoping to create the latest trends that will catch the public’s attention… and pocket book.

From New York to Milan, it can become a head-spinning confusion to take in and try to process all the new information as it applies to each of us.

In my career in the fashion/beauty world, I have learned to research trends and extract the concepts most likely to have appeal with the American woman.

Below is my fashion forecast for autumn 2008.


Like welcome rain showers, Patten leather shoes, boots, and handbags give a shine to autumn.

Slouch boots, in raw natural leathers, lock in the free spirit of long flowing skirts.

Over-the-knee boots, with the pant legs tucked in, are a perfect match for vests and layers.

Heels are high and thin with ankle straps, with the round toe making a return.


I am happy to say the natural silhouette is making a comeback this fall. After years of wearing our belts on our hips or empire waistlines, we will see a trend toward following the natural curves of the female.

Although tailored trousers will always be in, the trend is now toward high waist.

From jeans to dress slacks, we see a sleek fit at the waist and thigh, followed with either a flair or boot cut below the knee.

Skirts and dresses:

The pencil skirt is still on the catwalks this season. But we are seeing the trend turn to long dresses and skirts, not just for evening, but for day wear as well.

From tea-length to floor-length, dresses and skirts should be paired with jackets so that the jacket covers two thirds of the dress or skirt.

Jackets and coats:

Jackets are long this season (but the dresses and skirts are even longer). Coats are full-length and tailored. Suit jackets are tailored at the waist, while casual jackets are hitting just above the knee. Picture yourself in your boyfriend’s leather jacket!


Junior fashion is sweeping the scene with the ruffled blouse and tailored vest.


From the long, flowing high-sheen of the glamorous forties to layered tweeds of the European countryside, the fabric is all about you and your statement.

Clothing color:

Black will always be in fashion, but this year’s base color is grey. Imagine an autumn evening sky and all the shades of grey!

Purple in all its regal beauty has returned to dominate blouses and accessories.

Off-jewel-tones with an undertone of grey are added both in clothing and make-up this season, along with mustard and soft orange for the warmer-skinned diva.


Smoky eyes are the rage of the season.

Think forties’ sirens on the black-and-white screen, smoky, moist, blurred lines and deep set.

The emphasis is on the eyes.

Lip and cheek wear should be light and natural for balance.

My personal favorite is Mac make-up. With a minimal purchase at Macy’s, you can have an artist choose your colors for you and teach you how to achieve this look.


By now you are choosing between a polished look of soft fabrics and the country look of layers and tweeds.

If your choice is polished, Veronica Lake waves are a perfect match for the sheen and movement in the fabrics of your choice.

These waves begin with smooth hair. Begin by blow-drying or flat-ironing any rough texture. You want to make the waves horizontal from front to back. This can easily be achieved with hot rollers. A soft eye-enhancing bang is the perfect peak of sexy and shy for this year’s glamour doll.

My top-selling products for this look are Pureology Super Straight for textured hair and Pureology Nano Glaze for weightless control and a polished finish.

For the perfect match with tweeds, think matte finish, natural texture. No bangs, center parts and width in the sides of the hair give volume and balance to the bulk created by heavy materials and layering.

Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray builds volume with a matte finish. Pair this with Bumble and Bumble Spray De Mode, which is a working spray with great hold memory.

(Both Pureology and Bumble and Bumble are carried by Macy’s Ecotage Salons and Spas)

Hair color:

Fields of wheat is the vision for blondes. Lowlights and subtle colors are the key to creating a natural-looking blonde.

Earthy monochromatic browns in rich, shiny tones flatter the autumn brunette.

Redheads take a turn toward the dark side this season with subdued shades of auburn. Copper reds and strawberry blonde/reds are a no-no with this season’s color palette.

My personal favorite is Redken Brown Brown Red.

Special event hair styles:

The up-do’s are sleek and polished with the focus on the crown in a ponytail or a tight chignon. Braided chignons made a big wave on the catwalk in New York this season.

Special event dressing focuses on 360 degrees of beauty, so hair and dresses are adding details toward the back. After all, we want to look as good going as we do coming, don’t we?

With such an array of choices, this is the season for everyone!


Katherine Gulley is an elite master hair stylist for Macy’s Ecotage Salon and Spa in Lexington, Kentucky

Mrs. Gulley has been in the industry for over twenty years and works with the Kentucky Junior Miss Program and the Miss Kentucky program.

Photos: Max Chernitsov

Photos: roparedes

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