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Fashion Trends 2009

January 21, 2009 by · 2 comments

Katia Delavequia

Photo: Lukasz Dunikowski

There’s no denying that fashion is part of our daily lives, from simple jeans to dazzling dresses.
The Northern Hemisphere may be suffering through winter now, but it’s summer for the Southern Hemisphere–so people all over the world are watching multiple fashion trends. Here’s what’s happening in 2009–enjoy!

Women’s Styles

The designer collections feature an incredible diversity of looks–there is something for everyone’s taste!

Sequins and Gloss, Jewel-Encrusted Clothing: You have permission to shine! Just watch out and don’t look like a Christmas tree! Remember: less is more.

Skirts: The main news is length–barely to the knee or calves. Some will be wide and pleated at the waist, but tight pencils skirts with high waistlines are also in.

Photo: Nessa Land

Tuxedo style: Lets a woman look strong and elegant. Tuxedo jackets are perfect with skirts and trousers.

Half Sleeves: They give a sweet touch to your style, and are great for hiding heavy arms.

Photo: torkristensen

Military Look: Extremely stylish and sexy. Very fashionable. If you don’t want to wear it completely, you can use a jacket with some pins or just a vest.

Grecian Goddess Draping: Feel like a powerful goddess! The one-shouldered dress will dominate the summer.

Jumpsuit: Wear a monochromatic jumpsuit and stroll as if you were on a catwalk! You will look stylish and tall.

Photo: jefharris

Fairytale Romance: Be a fashion princess with a fluttery dress.

Fringing: If you have some fringe clothes in your closet (including boots and bags), it’s time to use it.

Women’s Shoes

Diversity rules! Some styles have returned–Boots, boots, boots! They are fringed, above the knee, lace up or ankle boots, military style, high heels (of course!), and platforms. Also trendy are stilettos, platforms, chunky heels, thick-heeled, tapered heels, square toed, pointed toe, lace up, Mary Jane with high heels, and open-toe shoes (with tights). Suede and reptile skin make a strong reappearance, while the mixed materials (combinations of leather, suede, metallic, all on the one piece) are prominent.

Clothing Colors

Black and gray are not the only colors for winter–fight the cold weather with hot colors! Yellow, orange and red will make you shine, and shades of violet and lilac are stunning. Green is always a winner.

And okay, black never dies. It’s elegant, creates a leaner image, and is always in fashion. This year’s clothes provide exceptional opportunities for combining black and white, and blue and black are awesome together. Dont like black (or it doesn’t like you)? Take advantage of brown.

Photo: marcokalmann

Photo: s4n7y

Photo: simonpais

Photo: †whiteknight†

Photo: santioliveri

Photo: austintolin

Women’s Accessories

Belts: The right belt can make your shape and your look. Generally, belts are good for almost any attire; the high waist is back, so, nothing is better than a belt to accent your beautiful shape or hide your problem areas.

Photo: 50mm

Bags: Size does not matter–it’s the occasion.  Vintage, bright colors, neutrals, fringes or super chic clutches–use your imagination!

Photo: meemal

Photo: lanuiop

Women’s Hair

Radically long styles: the undulating hairstyle exploits the sexy curls of long hair. You can part at the side with the waves gracefully framing your face; however, straight and sleek long hair works well too! It can be parted at the center or parted at the side.

Photo: jazz_defo

Radically short styles: the bob is very fashionable and works well for women who are at ease with their femininity. Three of the most popular bob hairstyles are the fringed bob, the pixie crop and the cropped bob.

Hair color is radical too! Go for peroxide blonde.

Photo: knmurphy

Photo: frida27


Eye cosmetics are thick and dark. Making the eyebrows a focal point means there can be no mistakes–be careful.

Cheeks are soft and natural. This look works best in a girly, innocent way, especially when teamed with clear milky skin and minimal eye makeup.

Lipsticks are red or pink in classic, bold, bright color, or brown, black or natural.

Photo: pinkspleen


Seven trends for 2009: cut-out details, cubic, oversized, retro-inspired, aviator, Lennon-inspired, and wide armed.


They are getting the attention they deserve from the fashion designers. Suits and tuxedos are classic this year, and what is classic, never gets old. The hit of summer 2009 is the deep v-neck top. And guys–this year, don’t overdo the blue! You have as much to choose from as do the ladies.

2009 promises to be a year of freedom. These are the hottest trends for you enjoy. Don’t forget, the way you look shows the way you are!

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