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Cross Road on Your Road – Dedication to Heath Ledger

January 22, 2009 by · 1 comment

Yassen Vassilev

Photo: popelegantiarum

O crazy royal jester
O crippled circus clown
O sad harlequin without company
O fool of funerary carnivals
O crumpled joker without deck

the fear is yours
the fear is yours

ah! ah! ah!
fool! fool! fool!
ha! ha! ha!
the choice is in your feet
and only you will be guilty
of what will follow
and yet one thing is sure
it should be continued
not northward not eastward
not westward not southward
down in the abyss
with cross uphill and on the shoulders
all roads later or sooner whirl you up

the fear is yours
the world is yours

ah! ah! ah!
madcap! madcap! madcap!
ha! ha! ha!
the joker is removed from the deck
thinks he can conquer the world
and is completely right

the world is yours
the world is yours

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