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Artist of the Week – Antonia Marinova

March 2, 2009 by · 2 comments

Translated from Bulgarian by Ellie Ivanova Ponti

Antonia MarinovaAntonia Marinova is the second-place winner of Modern Times, Public Republic photography contest. She believes that art and culture is what we leave behind. Antonia has participated in dozens of photography contests as well as solo exhibits. Her photos have been published in Tema newspaper (Bulgaria), Ecology and Life magazine (Russia) and Photographie photo magazine (Germany).

“A Sense of Me”





The Shadow in the Sand


VIP Menu

Portrait of a Guitar





Flowers I

Flowers II

A Flower Born

The Old House I

The Old House II

Antonia Marinova, About Self:

I teach myself patience
to know
to be able to
to speak
to write
to believe
to want
I am disappointed and
I forgive
I know
the truth
that mistakes are
in emotions
and I have no regrets.
I like and
can’t resist
a favorite book and
a favorite film.
Music is in
I smile and
nobly envy…
I don’t know
If I want, I can


Special Prize, Eyes for the Others 5th Photo Contest
Active Art Gallery, Varna, Bulgaria, 2008

Special Prize, The Village – Sparks from the Past Photo Contest
Pernik, Bulgaria, 2005

Certificate, 11th Cyber Foto International Exhibit
Poland, 2008

Certificate, Theater in Photographic Art 12th Photo Triennial, Novi Sad, Serbia, 2008

Medal, The Asahi Shimbun 68th Japanese International Photography Salon, Japan, 2007

Silver Medal, Paracin 2007, 1st International Salon for Digital Photography – Paracin, Serbia, 2007

1st place award and a Certificate, Plovdiv District – a Piece of the Colorful European Puzzle Contest, Contest Bulgaria, 2007

2nd place award and Diploma for participation, Music in the Lens ’07 International competition, Smolian, Bulgaria, 2007

Bronze Medal for artistic photography, Photoacademia 2006, Sofia, Bulgaria, 2006

Diploma and Purchase, Plovdiv International Fair Photo Exhibit, Art Fair Impressia, Plovdiv, 2006

Bronze Medal and Diploma for art photography, PHOTOACADEMICA 2005 Competition of the Photography Academy National Society, Sofia, Bulgaria, 2005

Diploma, Chinese Folklore Photography Association, Beijing, China, 2004

1st place award, CANON Bulgaria, FOTOFIESTA 2004 Photography Forum, Lozenetz, Bulgaria, 2004

1st place award for black & white photography, FOTOFIESTA 2003 Photography Forum, Lozenetz, Bulgaria, 2003

Special Award for Creative Artwork Presentation, FOTOFIESTA 2003 Photography Forum, Lozenetz, Bulgaria, 2003

1st place award, DOCTORS Vodka Photography Forum, Lozenetz, Bulgaria, 2002


Allianz Bulgaria Representative exhibi, sculpture division, 2008

Tracing Love 24/7 International Exhibit, Belgrade, Serbia, 2008

Theater in Photographic Art 12th International Triennial, Novi Sad, Serbia, 2008

60 Years Pojarevatz Photoclub International Exhibit, Pojarevatz, Serbia, 2008

The Person Next to Me 1st International Contest, Kazanlak, Bulgaria, 2008

1st International Photography Salon, Varna, Bulgaria, 2007

Without Borders Annual Applied Art Exhibit, Association of Bulgarian Artists, Sofia, Bulgaria, 2007

1st International Exhibit, Halic University, Istanbul, Turkey, 2007

11th International Exhibit, Nish, Serbia, 2007

GJON MILI PRIZE 7th International Exhibit, Pristina, Kosovo, 2007

FODAR 5th International Biennial, Pleven, Bulgaria, 2007

Photography Forum FOTOFIESTA, Representative Exhibit, 6 Shipka St Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria, 2007

PHOTOACADEMICA 2007, Sofia, Bulgaria, 2007

18th Biennial for Humor and Satire, divisions of photography and sculpture, Gabrovo, Bulgaria, 2007

Kukerlandia 2007International Contest, Representative Exhibit, Iambol, Bulgaria, 2007

Valley of the Roses National Photo Plain Air, Representative Exhibit, Kazanlak, Bulgaria, 2006

GJON MILI PRIZE 6th International Exhibit, Pristina, Kosovo, 2006

Valley of the Roses 6th National Photo Plain Air, Kazanlak, Bulgaria, 2006

Photography Forum FOTOFIESTA 2005 Representative Exhibit, 6 Shipka St Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria, 2006

International Exhibit under the auspices of Orhan Holding, Bursa, Turkey, 2005

Music in the Lens International Contest, Sofia, Bulgaria, 2005

In Orpheus’ Mountain, 10th National Plain Air, Smolian, Bulgaria, 2005

GJON MILI PRIZE 5th International Exhibit, Pristina, Kosovo, 2005

FODAR 4th International Biennial, Pleven, Bulgaria, 2005

17th International Biennial for Humor, Satire and Arts, Gabrovo, Bulgaria, 2005

EXPO 2005 (three photo series, nominated by the Chinese Folklore Photography Association), Aichi, Japan, 2005

Photography Forum FOTOFIESTA 2004 Representative Exhibit, 6 Shipka St Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria, 2005

8th International Exhibit, Nish, Serbia, 2004

KONIKA-MINOLTA’s 100 Photos for 2004, Exhibit, Sofia, Bulgaria

Music in the Lens, 2nd International Contest, Sofia, Bulgaria, 2004

2nd National Photography Salon, Varna, Bulgaria, 2004

GJON MILI PRIZE 4th International Exhibit, Pristina, Kosovo, 2004

Photography Forum FOTOFIESTA 2003 Representative Exhibit, 6 Shipka St Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria, 2004

CANON Bulgaria Photo of the Year National Competition, Exhibit, Sofia, Bulgaria, 2002


Fields’ Dreams or a Tantra for a Start. Photography and textile. Information Center Exhibition Hall, Kazanlak, Bulgaria, 2007

– Solo Exhibits within the FOTOFIESTA Photography Forum, 2002, 2003, 2004, Lozenetz, Bulgaria

– 5 textile and drawing solo exhibits in Plovdiv (1991, 1992, 1993) and Smolian (1989, 1990), Bulgaria


– Society of Plovdiv Artists (since 1991)

– Chamber of Bulgarian Craftsmen (since 2000)

– National Association Photography Academy (since 2004)


– Russian magazine Ecology and Life – 4, 2003

– Bulgarian publication Capital light – 25, 2003

– Bulgarian photo magazine FO – 5, 2003

– Bulgarian magazine Tema – 34, 2004

– German photography magazine PHOTOGRAPHIE – 11, 2004

– A series of magazines and newspapers have published on my life and artwork.

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