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Artist of the Week – Celia Baron

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Vanya Nikolaeva’s interview with Celia Baron

Because my heart has been beating only for the music I signed up for training in music literature trade in Köln. Meanwhile I have been working for a year in Musikhauses Arthur Knopp in Saarbrucken. At that time I realized that I was going to be a musician. In 1995 I began studying jazz in Conservatoire de la Musique in Luxemburg and after 4 years of training I got graduated.

After my return to Saarbrucken I had taught in the music school at Musikhauses Arthur Knopp.

Also I began playing with different groups and touring throughout Europe and in addition to that I had committed to composing my solo project.

Since then I have had a life of a musician in all aspects: tours, studio recordings and of course many stage performances including with world stars as: Maceo Parker, George Clinton, Fred Wesley, Martha High and Tom Principato.

From gospel festivals with symphonic orchestra, through musicales, rock, jazz and blues, I went back to my favourite style – funk. Thanks to all experience I have got my own style has been shaped, which I consider to be chill jazz hip hop and I am proud of my first solo album, which was released in October, 2008.

How and when did you become enchanted by music?

My initial touch to music had been very early, probably before my birth. My parents were professional musicians and my mother had played contrabass even during the eight month of her pregnancy with me. That’s the first sound I had ever heard.

What does music give to you and what does it take?

Music gives me vitality to live, it is universal communication and rewards me with many happy moments. It takes away well-organized and scheduled life, which I found to be a good thing.

Which are your most memorable moments on the scene?

The most significant moment was when I had been on stage together with Maceo Parker, which example I have been following and his incredible group. And of course all other great performers I have been playing with. I can’t forget about it, it is an indescribable feeling.

What does Celia Baron wishes for herself for 2009?

I wish to myself good health and good luck, everything else comes its own way.

Which award is closest to your heart?

I would love to receive Grammy, it will be wonderful.

Where would you like to play?

Paisley Park, Minneapolis

What music instrument is human soul?

Sure, I will say, it is saxophone.

If you had to replace music with something else, what would it be?

Basically I believe nothing can replace music. But if I should choose anything else to replace it is going to be with surfing. I love the sea, but rarely I get the chance to go there.

I dream of…

I dream about playing someday together with Prince. That’s my dream since I was 12 year old and it is still the same.

I would never…

I would never hurt an animal.

I feel strong when…

I feel strongest when the audience goes euphoric listening to my music.

What is your message for the fans?

I hope my music will give you some happy moments. It was created during such delightful moments.

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