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Artist of the Week — Eva-Maria Schmitt

February 15, 2010 by · 124 comments

An interview with painter Eva-Maria Schmitt by Dessislava Berndt

Translation: Dessislava Berndt

Photo: Marc Jahnen

Eva-Maria Schmitt – “Whoever loves to paint, will paint everywhere”

Eva, how did painting become a major part of your life?

I’m painting since I can think.


Who or what has/had influence on your work?

Actually everything which belongs to the public art discourse and has influence on my mind. But I’m always trying to find my way.

How would you define the character of your paintings?

By the fact that I was the creator of my paintings and nobody else.


What are you doing in your spare time?

I don’t have much spare time. In the case that I have spare time, I like to watch Arthouse-films, to travel (I’m learning to snowboard) and to drink gin and tonic or vodka cherry with ice.

Do you plan to work together with other artists?

Not at the moment. All attempts at this were in vain. It is difficult since your work depends on your own experience.

Bild von Eva-Maria Schmitt
Hilde wäscht sich die Hände rein
Acryl auf Leinwand, o.T., 2009

You have decided to live and to study in Düsseldorf. What possibilities do you have here as an artist?

Well-known and world-renowned artists are teaching at the Academy of Arts in Dьsseldorf. Some of well-known academics are also involved in this academy. Therefore, this is a good place to get international contacts and experiences. A lot of artists are working at this academy.

Düsseldorf offers work for artists. Nevertheless, the scene in Berlin is more innovative. Most of the artists didn’t stay there because they couldn’t find work. And I think whoever loves to paint will paint everywhere. To study art is idealistic. To survive is existential. Everybody has to deal with this principle in the best way for himself.

Köder II
Köder II, Mischtechnik, 25cm x 25cm, 2008

Do you plan to have exhibitions abroad? If yes, which country would be your dream?

London and Amsterdam would be great.

Köder I
Köder I, Mischtechnik, 25cm x 25cm, 2008

Where can we buy or see your paintings?


Bild von Eva-Maria Schmitt

What plans do you have till the end of 2009 and for 2010?

I’ll move next year. But I don’t know yet where.

Eva-Maria Schmitt was born on the 9th of May 1984 in Daun/Eifel. Since 2003 she has been studying at the Academy of arts Dьsseldorf in the class of Prof. Daniel Buren from Paris as well as Prof. Rissa, Prof. Dr. Lüpertz, Reinhold Braun and Prof. Herbert Brandl. Eva-Maria lives and works in Düsseldorf.


Group Exhibition 2005 – Kunstraum Düsseldorf

2008 – Kunsthalle, Koblenz

2009 – Galerie GAM in Essen, DAS FEST

2009 – Deutsche Bank, Düsseldorf

2009 – Nacht der Museen, Kulturbunker Kцln-Mьlheim

Exhibitions 2007 – Galerie Artwort Viersen
2008 – Tanzhaus NRW
2009 – Kulturbunker Kцln-Mьlheim

List of publications 2005 – Klasse Daniel Buren, Bouquet no. 3 (Katalog zum Rundgang)
2009 – Klasse Braun (Katalog zum Rundgang)
2009 – Galerie Gam, Das Fest (Katalog zur Ausstellung)
und in div. Tageszeitungen (WAZ, WZ, RP, EXPRESS und BILD).

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