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Artist of the Week – Franziska Steuer

September 13, 2010 by · 5 comments

Interview by Dessislava Berndt with the sculptor Franziska Steuer
Translation: Yana Radilova


Franziska, how did you decide to become a sculptor?

In a roundabout, but logical way: I have always loved drawing and luckily the people around me supported me.

At the beginning, I didn`t have the courage to be fully engaged with art. That`s why I wanted to find a reliable way to the world of applied art and eventually started studying architecture at the Art University “Berlin Weisensee” but I was interested in the other subjects, of course.

Black and white figures (plastic figures)
Photo: Franziska Steuer

Although I was inspired by the opportunities of architecture, I really wanted to take up black and white drawing. Surprisingly, when I started my studies I made an amazing discovery in the sphere of plastic arts.

This kind of art united everything I needed: the impression of different effects in the same space, my desire to create paintings and the earthly essence of this occupation. So I couldn`t yield to the temptation to take up sculpture.

Who or what has an influence over your works of art?

At first I had hardly any experience in the sphere of plastic arts, so the first steps in my education were very significant – are my professors were very important: Norbert Bloom, Rolf Bible, Baldoor Schoenfelder.

My figures may seem to be influenced by the plastics of Jakometti, but many other artists and sculptors have inspired me in different spheres of my job. I can`t make a precise conclusion. There are always new meetings and experiences which reflect on my work. Otherwise, it wouldn`t be interesting.

Three bunches/3 3 metal objects/
Photo: Stefan Shick

What makes your works of art remarkable?

The main subject is always related with people. I have been interested in portrait sculptures for a long time. Later, the “particular” individual became rather insignificant – the “primary” man took my interest. I am still seeking specific “signs” which express the relationships between people and their needs.

My works of art don`t have a style to make them distinctive. The source of inspiration is a definite subject – the method of expressing the main idea is a consequence. I use different materials: metal, paper, clay, plaster, pottery, bronze. It is interesting for me to contrast verbal language to the world of images. Some objects are expression of words and phrases (for example, the sequence “In frame” – ‘Im Rahmen”).

Details don`t suit me – I prefer simplified shapes and enjoy myself with series and variations. That`s why my objects may seem graphic. Thrift, strict shape – these are my challenges to make people “feel” my works of art. The opportunities of different variations and the moving elements in some objects give rise to unconstrained creativity and imagination.

4Pleasure in a frame /2 metal objects/
Photo: Franciska Shtoer

What do you love in your job?

I love the moments when people find feelings and stories in my inanimate objects. Especially when this form of communication rises over speech. It is incredible to experience such moments!

“Pose” /Embossment in stone/
Photo: Franciska Shtoer

Have you had many projects with other artists and sculptors?

Yes, I live in a district out of Berlin, where many citizens come, and I work with the association “Kulturladen” (Cultural Shop) which organizes cultural activities, for example The Day of Open Art

I am also a member of the group „KöZwölf” which shows its works of art in the gallery in Bukho (a city in the district of Merkishe Schweiz, near Berlin).

Other projects appear as a result of my online contacts with some colleagues.


In a frame: I rebel /3 subjects of metal and paper /
Photo: Franciska Shtoer

What do you dream of?

Most of my dreams are fulfilled – I do what I have always wanted to do. Of course, I have many other small, big and enormous dreams…

I wish people paid more attention to Art. I also hope its essence won`t run from one extreme to another. On the one hand, Art may turn into a subject of luxury and investments and be set on the high pedestals of elite markets. On the other hand, it may lean over backwards – being labelled as a banal and messy thing, and then every creation will be defined as “art”.

That`s all about my big and enormous ambitions. I have a few other dreams, but sometimes I`m modest.

Katya:portrait on plaster
Photo: Stefan Shick

What do you do in your leisure time?

There isn`t a big difference between work and leisure time in my life. Getting ideas is a part of my daily life, such as my children, friends, colleagues, films, books, communication with artists.

In a frame:”Just hung…”
Photo: Franciska Shtoer

What are your plans for 2010?

Besides my usual cultural activities, I am planning to have an exhibition in October in Orderbruch-

My work in the art studio is a great advantage to me – I have so ideas now. I also seek chances to express and challenge myself in the future.

In a frame: Shooting up…”
Photo: Franciska Shtoer

Where can your works of art be seen?

They can be seen in the art studio in Oderbruch and in the gallery „KöZwölf”, such as on the Internet.

You can send your inquiries about prices and visits ot share your opinions on:

Franciska Shtoer was born in 1967 in Drezden. She studied architecture from 1987 to 1989 and plastic arts from 1991 to 1996 in Berlin Weisensee. In 2005 she went to live in Oderbruch/Brandeburg. That`s the place where her sons are born in 1998 and 2000. She has been working in “Kulturladen” of Fördervereins Wilhelmsaue since 2002 – the organization supports local cultural activities. She has been a member of the group „KöZwölf” in the gallery Bucho/Merkishe Shweiz. Franciska Shtoer lives and works in Gross Hoendorf at the ground floor of the local church.

Innen Aussen
Inside and outsied/embossment in plaster/
Photo: Franciska Shtoer

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