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Artist of the Week — Kristina Sretkova

October 8, 2012 by · 1 comment

Jasmina Tacheva Talks with Artist Kristina Sretkova

Kristina Sretkova

Kristina, can you introduce yourself to our readers?

I am an artist (I’m 28); I live in Berlin. Originally I’m from Bulgaria, I was born in Stockholm, and I create my art in Berlin, Sofia, and Cyprus. The message of my art is: “I want to bring the audience joy, faith and the ability to love or simply to feel.”

Dance!, 100x100cm, oil on canvas Kristina Sretkova Berlin 2011

When and why did you start getting interested in the arts?

Art has been part of my life ever since childhood. My first exhibition was in Sofia, in 2009, at a moment when I only wanted to paint.

I’ve taken lessons from well-known Bulgarian artists for years.

Words of Beauty, 90x90cm, oil on canvas, Kristina Sretkova 2012 Sofia-Berlin

You’ve lived in Bulgaria, Sweden, Germany and Cyprus and you’ve traveled so much – how have these experiences changed you? Do you consider yourself a global citizen, and where do you feel most at home?

My international visits have never been short and I also feel that they were never random. That’s part of the course of my life and I think it’s great and very interesting. This, of course, brings more challenges and it has increased my flexibility and my ability to gets things done.

I’ve met a lot of valuable people and today I have a very extensive network of friends and acquaintances. Ultimately, I see life as a chain of human encounters. In this sense, I am a cosmopolitan and I feel at home where I am comfortable.

Bouquet, 90x90cm, oil on canvas, Kristina Sretkova Berlin 2012

On July 6 your solo exhibition “Synergy” opened in the Bulgarian Cultural Institute Berlin. What are the main ideas and concepts underlying the exhibition? What’s behind the name of “Synergy”?

I perceive “Synergies” as a multiplication of positive energies. I exhibited 24 paintings in Berlin and their harmonious aura has in my opinion brought the expressiveness and charisma into the gallery as if there had been hung 48 paintings.

Over 150 people came to the opening and between the images and the audience there was a very special atmosphere of satisfaction and enthusiasm that can’t be defined or measured. That’s precisely what I call “synergy”.

Happy, 100x160cm, oil on canvas, Kristina Sretkova Berlin 2012

Your works have been awarded multiple times (1st and 2nd place at the international exhibition and competition of Berlin Art Week 2012, etc.) and exhibited worldwide (in New York, Las Vegas, Toronto, Paris, Berlin, etc.). What do you think: does the reception of your work differ from country to country or is art actually is a universal language that everyone can understand and speak?

My art represents my inner light, I create it with love and passion. My works have their own aura, so it depends on how the perception and the internal state of each viewer at a specific place work.

There are no geographical rules, it’s all about a metamorphosis between the field of the image itself and that of the audience. My paintings are owned by people in Tokyo, New York, Paris, Berlin, Moscow, Frankfurt, Valencia, Italy, Cyprus, Poland, Bulgaria, etc. I convey universal values ​​and every type of art exudes a certain frequency and energy information.

Dream, 120x100cm, oil on canvas, Kristina Sretkova Berlin 2011 2000

Can you reduce the path to success to a simple formula? How would you describe your own path to success? What did you have to give in for its sake?

There is a formula for a successful sequence which is:
(M + G+ F)^i = Successful sequence

M = Motivation
G = Faith (Glaube)
F = Focus

The most important part of the equation is, however, the lower-case “i” which stands for intuition, intelligence and inspiration.

I rely on that a lot in my art projects and even in my personal life. As you can see, the small “i” is quite crucial.

Avatar, 100x100, oil on canvas, Cyprus 2010

What do you usually think about when you create your paintings? Where do you find your inspiration?

The creation of art is a kind of meditation. I get the inspiration directly from my soul and spirit. The moment I stand in front of the canvas, I can already see the painting before me. And while I paint, I also sing. My art is very closely associated with music.

In your art, one can recognize not just the touch of modernity, but also a very peculiar color ambiance that creates an idiosyncratic psycho-emotional atmosphere. Where do you get this vibrant energy?

I regard this as a fusion of the universal, cosmic light and the light of my inner energy core.

Thankful, 100x100cm, oil on canvas, Kristina Sretkova 2012 Berlin

Is your art is a kind of a self-portrait, a portrait of your inner world?

I think I have already answered this question.

Many art experts tell me that my works have a recognition value.

What are your favorite art materials? In some paintings you employ sand besides oil. How did this occur to you?

I love the beach, the sea and genuine nature. Sand is a very important element that has a healthy dose of radioactivity. However, I only use sand from Cyprus – the island of Aphrodite.

When do you feel rewarded for your work? What do you enjoy most about it?

Enjoyment has partly to do with pleasure and you can only get enjoyment from outside. For me, it’s all about pure joy and that joy comes only from within. My point goal the total internal joy.

Get Together - Solo in Zurich 2012

What are you planning for the future? Any new shows in the summer / fall of 2012?

My art program is full until December 2013. In September 2012 I am invited to the Chianciano International Art Award 2012 (100 artists from around the world) – which is one of the most important artistic scenes in the world.

This year, I also have two large group exhibitions in Baden-Baden and New York, a solo exhibition in Cyprus; I’m going to exhibit at the International Art Fair Zurich and take part in Art Salon GRAND PALAIS, Paris.

Thank you for the interview and good luck with your career!




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