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Artist of the Week — Nadejda Gerassimova

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Interview of Yana Radilova with the felinologist Nadejda Gerassimova

“Just like art, rearing animals is a job which requires love and care…”

Nadejda with her favourite animal

Nadejda Gerassimova is a felinologist in Novosibirsk, Russia. She breeds British and Scottish shorthair cats. In international shows she wins first prizes.

nadq gerasimova

What is your job about?

I breed my favourite animals – cats. My job includes a precise selection of cats for breeding purposes and getting a nice pedigree cat which fulfills all conditions.

What roused your interest for cats?

I became interested in cats when I was a first-year girl. One day, while I was walking along the street, I hardly heard the scream of a poor kitten, sheltered under the roof of a small house. I took pity on it and put it up at home. We initially fed him with my elder sister and then we washed the cat and started teaching him of main habits. Thus my first pet came into my life and later it turned into a large beautiful cat. After some time I decided to breed another cat with velvet fur. Gradually my love towards cats became deeper and deeper, so I decided to be a felinologist.


What is your main reason for breeding cats?

I happened to visit the local bookstore with my husband and there I saw a big poster, entitled as “Cats show”. We were deeply interested so we bought tickets to watch this wonderful event in the world of cats. While I was observing those gentle cats, I could not resist them. On the following day I visited a pet shop and bought a pretty British cat with blue-and-cream coloured fur.


In which exhibitions and competitions have you taken part so far?

On 11-12 of October at the International show “Fortuna cat” in Barnaul Russo Sindi SCS f03 is Vice champion of the breed in Siberian region of 2009, and the best color. At an International show “Siberia Cup 2009” in Novosibirsk our litter “К” is BEST-Litter-1 of 1stday show and BEST-Litter-2 of 2nd day show. On the 19-20 of December we took first prize at the International show “Carnival-mew” in Novosibirsk. We also were awarded at the International show”Cats and Love” in Tomsk (13-14 of February), Interational show “Cats-Star” in Tomsk (21-22 of August) and Interational show “Meow Carnival – 2010” in Novosibirsk (18-19 of December).

On 26-27 of June, at the International Show in Moscow, King Rainbow Cat City BRI ny21 33 takes 7th place in British show and 9th plce WCF ring of kittens and juniors.



Tell us more about your preparation for the shows.

A week before the show I start taking intensive care for my pets, which are expected to take part in the exhibition. It is important that cats should be examined by a vet, so that their general condition is checked and necessary injections are given. After that we start special grooming. We also prepare the tents where cats stay during the exhibition.

po telefona

How do you look after your cats?

Breeding cats requires special care. A strict dietary regimen is necessary, in order to breed an impressive cat with shiny fur. When changing their fur, cats have to be regularly combed. They also have to take vitamins and professional dry food. and also veal and special canned food. However, the most important thing is attention – when you love a cat, you are also beloved.


What cat breeds do you prefer?

My favourite cat breed is the British cat. These cats are gentle, attentive, excellent healers and even magicians. When they are fawning, it is not only for love – they try to heal the sore spot of their owner. Endlessly can I talk about the qualities of these cats!


Which of your prizes is your great success?

The greatest achievment in my career is the special award for “beautiful pedigree cats”, given by the judge Belqeva at the international exhibition “Constellation of Siberia” on 16-17 of October in Novosibirsk.

sudia belqeva

What are your professional plans for the future?

My professional plans include participations in different exhibitions. I wans to breed healthy and beautiful pedigree cats which make me and other people happy.


Do you think your job is similar to art?

Just like art, rearing animals is a job which requires love and care. You have to be talented and industrious like a man of art.


Make a wish to all readers of Public Republic and cat lovers!

I would advise all cat lovers to be responsive and dedicated! Never forget why you started breeding cats!




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