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Artist of the Week — Oleg Igorin

November 23, 2009 by · 43 comments

Mariana Velichkova’s interview with the fashion photographer Oleg Igorin


When and how did you “discover” your passion for photography?

I suddenly was going along a shop window and saw a digital camera. I remember it was Olympus. It was 5 years ago. I think my passion for photography began technically at that moment. Esthetically I always loved to look at beautiful photos, especially in fashion magazines.



What were your first professional shots?

It was the shoot for one young singer. Her very rich parents decided to make her a star and invite me to take pictures to make her image in her singer career. I bought my first semi-professional camera one day before that shoot, read the manual all night before the shoot, and I remember that my hands were shaking when I took pictures. I think that all people pass through the same experience.


Please tell us about your work as a fashion photographer in Moscow.

I would like to say that the fashion industry in Russia is just beginning. All we have in Moscow is made from looking at the fashion industry of Europe and America. Of course we have a lot of creative, talented people, but we don’t have the fashion industry. I say this for understanding that fashion photography is just beginning here. Therefore, I did shoots for many people who are trying to create this industry and I am happy that took part in it.


And about some unforgettable meetings with famous Russian designers and models…

I took a lot of pictures of young girls who become famous models in Europe. Its unforgettable to watch how fast their careers are growing sometimes.


You have mentioned about traveling around the world doing workshops. Please tell us more about it.

When I do workshop I do it partially for myself. When you teach others you start learning yourself. It so interesting to have this great ability to travel, to meet interesting people, discuss so many themes with them.


You have moved to New York recently and I would like to ask you what kind of challenges and new possibilities for personal and professional growth are you facing there compared to your stay in Moscow?


Oh, I have been living in New York for three months and have just started getting an understanding of this city. Of course, New York is the capital of commercial, fashion photography and this fact is inspiring for me to work here. Its very hard, but its very interesting…



If you are to “replace” photography for something else what would it be?

I like to travel and I enjoy to see other cities architecture. I think if I got an opportunity I would become an architect.


Who are you without your camera?

It so hard to imagine myself without camera… (ha ha)


In your opinion what is fashion?

Fashion is an additional language that helps people to communicate.


What increases your creativity and inspiration?

It’s not a secret that if you don’t look through tons of magazines, photos and advertising every day you don’t get inspiration. You can’t get it from the air, you can get it from everyday working, that is transforming in your mind and gives you inspiration and creativity.


Your dream fashion show is…?

When I test for models, do projects for myself, sometimes I become a fashion designer and fashion stylist. It so interesting to do fashion with your own hands. I think that dream show is the show where I will be the designer. 🙂


What helps you to bring out the best in the models you are taking pictures of?

Their beauty. I ask them not to think about anything, not to try to do something and just to be an opened, beautiful girl. And that all I ask them during the shoot.


What is the most important thing you keep in mind while making photos?

To do it well!!! Every minute I think that I haven’t yet done all I could do! It helps me to work with twice the power.


Your advice or suggestions to those who would like to do fashion photography.

I think that every fashion photographer has to understand that he should capture the beauty. He has to find their own beauty, grow it and defend it. And all will be OK!!!




Oleg Igorin was doing photography in Novosibirsk (Russia) when he walked past a shop window and saw a digital camera. He remembers it was Olympus. This was 5 years ago. He asked his friends to be his models, and sometimes he drove them crazy because he was so excited to shoot them.

He moved to Moscow (Russia) and tried to show his work on the Web, to discuss his abilities in forums. He tried to do many images of absolutely different styles. He had met people who learned photography and they sometimes spent a lot of time discussing photography, cameras and so on.

He bought his first SLR camera when he got his first commercial job one year later. He was excited and scared. He read the camera instructions all night before and he remembers that his hands were shaking when he took his first commercial shots.

Now making bigger efforts, he began to get more clients, set up his own studio in Moscow (and then 2 more), and bought a nice camera and equipment. And soon he began to work for several fashion brands and designers. He traveled all around the world with his workshop and master class. He knows a lot of famous Russian models, fashion designers and producers in Moscow and have good relations with them.

Two months ago he moved to New York. He decided to take new steps in his photography career. He understands that New York is the capital of world commercial photography, and it so interesting and important to work here. He is making connections with people in the industry. Thinking about exhibition, he is trying to find new styles of photos and to set up new projects.

He enjoys his work and this City so, so much.


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