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Artist of the Week – Petrovac Jazz Festival

April 25, 2011 by · 2 comments

Interview by Dessislava Berndt with Vinko Mihajlovic, director of the Petrovac Jazz Festival

Nikola Mimo Mitrovica
Nikola Mimo Mitrovica, Photo: Nikolay

Why and how was the Petrovac Jazz Festival founded? When was the first festival?

NGO Urban Cult is a non-profitable, non-government organization, which started the first Petrovac Jazz Festival in 2007.

The idea began back in 2005, and the implementation itself, Petrovac Jazz Festival, was created in September 2006.

What are the goals of the festival?

Through the range of creativity the festival offers numerous educational effects: the inclusion of individuals in the festival and the influence of the thinking of young people on cultural mindset through workshops.

When will be the next festival?

The next festival takes place during the same period as the previous years 31st August to 3rd September this will remain the same every year.

Saso Popovski Banda
Saso Popovski Band, Photo: Nikolay

Who played already and who is going to attend it next?

Numerous artists from the region have performed, as well as from the rest Europe and the USA. In the past for years some of those to have performed were PIva Jazz Band, Aleksandar Bahun and Panonija Project, Joe Pandur and Maja Grgic, Simon Kiselicki trio, Vasil Hadzimanov Band, Zozophonic Orchestra, Nikola Mimo Mitrovic, Michaela Rabitsch & Robert Pawlik Quartet, Djabe, Aga Zaryan Trio, Georgi Sareski Quartet, Filip Gavranovic Duo, B2 Blues, Hazari, Point Blank Blues Band, Jennifer Bryce, Duo Moderato, Maja Jaku & Sasa Mutic, Lala Trio, Mowgli, Enerjazzer Band, Cecile Broche Etienne Bouyer Duo, Jazoo, Baltazar, Belgrade Dixieland Orchestra, Balkan Jazz Collective, Cirkusz-KA, Gerd Schuller ,,Key Trio,, Eyot, Zdenka Kovacicek and Trio and more.

Gerd Schuller ,,Key Trio,,a
Gerd Schuller ,,Key Trio”, Photo: Nikolay

For now we are still in negotiations and arrangements for next year, so it will promptly inform the participants on our website that will occur, as in the media. Our festival helps a lot embassy leading his band through their performances presented Culture in those same countries.

Why do you choose Petrovac for the festival?

Petrovac was chosen primarily because the city has its own distinctive image of a small, coastal town and the name of the city to be a presentation for tourism, festivals and distinguished tradition in Montenegro.

Zdenka Kovacicek and Banda
Zdenka Kovacicek and Band, Photo: Nikolay

Is there something new compared to the last festival?

As a novelty we have introduced a photography exhibition, as well as other types of workshops, for example, a voice workshop, projection of films etc. Every year we are planning to bring something new to our festival to keep it fresh.

Aga Zaryan and Banda
Aga Zaryan and Band, Photo: Nikolay

How will the artists be chosen?

The selected team and festival selectors’ grade selection of music from those who wish to perform. Those bands that come through the embassies themselves were selected by the embassies and current co-operation have proved to be correct with their choice of artists.

Cirkus Kaa
Cirkus Ka, Photo: Nikolay

Do you plan some co-operation with other partners and sponsors?

There are plans to look for new sponsors and partners because we are a non-governmental organization that survives by sponsorship and friends of the festival, co-operate with embassies and cultural centers.

Could you tell us please something about the future plans for the festival?

Plans are to turn festival into a tradition, that spread positive energy far and wide, where many top musicians will perform, attended by music lovers who will come from all over the world to enjoy the waves of the sea and the melodic sounds of blues and jazz.

Djazz Petrovac a
Djazz Petrovac , Photo: Nikolay

How would you describe Petrovac Jazz Fest in five words and why should the artists attend it?

The participants enjoy the festival atmosphere and want to come again.

Petrovac Jazz Fest
Donja ulica
382 Petrovac

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