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Artist of the Week – Seven

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Interview by Dessislava Berndt with the Swiss musician Jan Dettwyler
Translation from German: Dessislava Berndt
Proofreading: Polina Georgieva

Jazz Festival Bansko

The 20th jubilee edition of the Bansko Jazz Festival is now history. For more than seven days from 5th to 12th August, numerous world stars celebrated a party marathon together with the audience. The Swiss singer Seven and his band had already heated the audience on 7th of August 2017. The thousands of spectators rewarded the musicians’ debut with great enthusiasm, standing ovations and, of course dancing and celebrating.

In the following interview – done shortly after the festival – Jan Dettwyler, founder and singer of the band, spoke with us about the first performance of his band in Bulgaria.

Seven at XXth International Jazz Festival Bansko 2017, Photo: desenze

Jan, you have had and still have a number of performances at various festivals in the German-speaking area. How was the performance at the International Jazz Festival Bansko, Bulgaria on 7.08.17?

The performance was anything but normal for us. We had no idea what to expect and the audience had no idea what to expect from us either. So, we were even more excited than usual, we were very pleased about the invitation and accepted the challenge.

Seven in Bansko 2017, Photo: desenze

I was there too, and I experienced an audience that was very enthusiastic, that was dancing and greeting the band with rapturous applause. How did you feel during this first performance in an Eastern European country using the Cyrillic Alphabet?

It was a very warm welcome and we were greeted with open arms. I felt a sense of insecurity in the audience when we started with our set, because people really didn’t know what to expect or what we will do with them.

That great audience was very easy to get carried away and gave itself up to the music. This is always the most beautiful moment, when everyone relaxes at the same time and the stage disappears.


Seven in Bansko 2017, Photos: desenze

The Bulgarian radio has already announced you, the national television will broadcast a recording of the performance very soon. What do fame and recognition mean to you?

The more platforms and stages we can play, the more people we can reach with our music. The more people attend a concert, the more people will speak about us and the more adventures we’ll be able to experience- adventures like flying to Bulgaria for a jazz festival.

Seven in Bansko 2017, Photo: desenze

For me it is incredibly exciting to see how the universal language “soul and funk” can find its followers and family in every corner when you give it enough time and opportunities. These encounters and the spark that we create in order to reach the audience is such a beautiful task every night.

Seven in Bansko 2017, Foto: desenze

Dr. Iliev, the founder and organizer of the festival, wished for the twentieth anniversary that Bansko Jazz Festival would be as popular as the legendary Montreux festival. What would you recommend to the festival as an artist and entrepreneur to achieve this goal?


Bansko, Photos: desenze

Montreux has a very long tradition and it is full of incredible stories – the song “Smoke on the water” is just one of many. The complete and ordered archive, the different artists, the whole atmosphere is unique.

Bansko, Photo: desenze

Copying this doesn’t make sense, but Bansko is also unique and it has quite a lot of what Montreux does not have; it is in the center, surrounded by mountains, with a completely different atmosphere.



Seven in Bansko 2017, Photos: desenze

These aspects and these particularities should make Bansko Bansko, and that should be the feeling of everyone who played and enjoyed it at the 20th anniversary.

Why are the numerous live performances so important to you? Will this change when you soon become father again?

I am a father of a 7 years old son and we are expecting our second child these days. Playing concerts is my profession and my vocation. There, I feel home and shine at my best and brightest.

Seven in Bansko 2017, Photos: desenze

What are you going to surprise us with soon?

If only I knew it myself… I usually surprise myself the most.


Jan, thank you very much for the interview! We expect you in Bansko again!

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