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Stanislava Stanoeva

Stanislava Stanoeva is born on the 11th of May 1967 in Plovdiv. She graduates from the University of Plovdiv “Paisij Hilendarski”, with a degree in Bulgarian philology.

She is author of the poetry book “The Death of the Hangman”. In 2000 this book brings her the National prize for first poetry book in the Annual competition, organized by the University of Shumen. Her poetry is published in two poetry anthologies, dedicated to the young poets of Plovdiv -“Different Water” and “6 + 6”.

In 2003 her second poetry book “A Flight in the Stone” is published. Her poetry is also published in such periodicals like “Rodna rech” (Native Speech), “Stranica” (Page), in the newspapers “Literaturen forum” (Literary Forum), “Iskra” (Spark), “Marica”, “Sega” (Now). She is a member and one of the founders of the Poetry academy of Plovdiv “Dobromir Tonev”. In 2004 she wins an honorable mention in the First National competition “SMS poetry”, organized by the National palace of Culture and M-tel.

In 2007 her poems are translated in Turkish and published in an international medley of Balkans, devoted to Istanbul. In the same year she wins two prizes – from the International competition “Melnishki vecheri” (Nights of Melnik) and the First National competition “Plovdiv – Youth 2007”.

She is a member of the Association of the poets of Plovdiv. She works as a journalist in the biggest daily newspaper, outside the capital – the newspaper “Marica”, Plovdiv.

Stanislava’s contributions: