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Artist of the Week — Yoni Vidal

September 11, 2012 by · No comments

Sofia Papazova talks with musician and composer Yoni Vidal Video: “Ksido” EOOD About today’s concert you say that you’re coming to Bulgaria for the third time in a year to play for “one of the most incredible audiences” you’ve ever seen. What do you like most about Bulgaria and the Bulgarian fans? They are very […]

The Week… The Invisible with Rumi

August 4, 2012 by · 2 comments

Photo: Mikko Luntiala Longing is the core of mystery Longing itself brings the cure. The only rule is, suffer the pain. Your desire must be disciplined, And what you want to happen In time, sacrificed. * Sell your cleverness and buy bewilderment. * Photo: Steve A Johnson Forget safety. Live where you fear to live. […]

Artist of the Week — Tony Naumovski

August 1, 2012 by · 1 comment

Jasmina Tacheva talks with the Macedonian-Australian New York based actor Tony Naumovski Tony Naumovski Tony Naumovski – “a Macedonian-Australian New York based actor”. Wow, this introduction describes not just your profession – it reveals a real adventure! You were born in Sydney, spent your childhood in Macedonia, graduated from the National Academy for Theatre and […]

Ivan Dimitrov: “We increasingly forget to see one another”

July 27, 2012 by · No comments

Jasmina Tacheva talks with Ivan Dimitrov whose play “The Eyes of Others” will be staged in New York City this fall Translated by Jasmina Tacheva Photo: R. Chichev Hi Ivan, where are you at this moment? What are you doing right now? I’m at the Art Hostel, sitting at the computer for a moment to […]

Sam Buggeln: “… one of the coolest things that the arts can do is to create connections between different cultures and peoples”

July 26, 2012 by · 1 comment

Jasmina Tacheva talks with Samuel Buggeln who will be directing Ivan Dimitrov’s play “The Eyes of Others” in New York City Indiegogo video for The Eyes of Others by Ivan Dimitrov, produced by Bug Company and presented by the New Ohio Theatre this September. Find out how you can contribute Hi Sam. You are currently […]


June 20, 2012 by · 8 comments

by Valentin D. Ivanov Photo: European Southern Observatory: VLT Survey Telescope snaps wide-field view of NGC 253 “Astronomer,” Clive told the boy. “This is what my badge says.” The kid was startled. It is one thing to stare at the uniform of the man at the next table, and another to hear him talking to […]

The Bronze House

June 1, 2012 by · No comments

Photo: Plamen Dejanoff – The Bronze House, (144 elementi della facciata / 144 facade elements), 2006 – 2011 Photo Fred Dott, Kunstverein Hamburg, 2011 MAMbo – Museo d’Arte Moderna di Bologna, brings The Bronze House by Plamen Dejanoff to Bologna from June 1 to September 9, 2012. The impressive exhibition is curated by Gianfranco Maraniello […]

Artist of the Week — Girish Shambu

May 29, 2012 by · 2 comments

Jasmina Tacheva Talks with Film Critic, Cinephile, Film Blogger and Educator Girish Shambu Girish Shambu is an associate professor of management at Canisius College in Buffalo, New York, and runs a community-oriented film-blog at girish. His writings have appeared in Framework, Cineaste,, and the collection Cinephilia in the Age of Digital Reproduction (Wallflower Press, […]

Criticism and Context; Jia Zhangke

May 28, 2012 by · 2 comments

Girish Shambu This article originally appeared on Girish Shambu’s Blog on January 24, 2012. Photo: Jia Zhangke – “Still Life” (2006) One of the most intriguing aspects of the Movie Mutations project is that it brought together a number of film critics of a certain generation who were geographically dispersed across multiple continents and yet […]

Multimedia Box: On the Day of Slavonic Alphabet, Bulgarian Enlightenment and Culture Public Republic Travels around the World

May 24, 2012 by · No comments

Photo: wanderingJew2 In 1851, Nayden Gerov is the first politician in the history of Bulgaria to celebrate the Day of the Saints Cyril and Methodius – the creators of the Cyrillic alphabet – in the diocesan school “Ss. Cyril and Methodius” in Sofia. In 1892 Stoyan Mihaylovski writes the 14 verses of the Hymn of […]

Artist of the Week – Grigor Malinov

May 14, 2012 by · 1 comment

An Interview with Painter Grigor Malinov by Petia Hinkova Edited by: Lauren Sophie Kearney Grigor Malinov: It is very important to save and keep the invisible flame inside you     What does painting mean to you? Have you ever tried to live without painting?   I once read something, but I cannot remember well enough if it […]

The Shore of Theater

May 8, 2012 by · 1 comment

An Interview with Mayia Pramatarova by Jasmina Tacheva Photo: Vladimir Gusev Mayia Pramatarova is the American correspondent for the LIK magazine (Sofia) and The Stage Journal (Moscow). She is a Visiting Professor at the National Academy (Theatre and Film Arts Department) and the New Bulgarian University in Sofia, Bulgaria. Since 1992 she is founder and […]

Artist of the Week – Jarle Bernhoft

May 7, 2012 by · No comments

Interview with the Norwegian musician Jarle Bernhoft by Dessislava Berndt The first time I heard Bernhoft was at the Traumzeit festival in Duisburg last summer. He was incredible. Such a live performance is not very common. “Bernhoft is a one man show” it was said. Yes, he is. That means playing guitar, recording himself while […]

Dessy Tenekedjieva – “Dignity, respect and realization of human rights are extremely important”

May 5, 2012 by · No comments

Interview with the singer, actor and producer Dessy Tenekedjieva by Dessislava Berndt Translation by Polina Georgieva I met Dessy last year at the Bansko Jazz International Festival. Our common love for music met us. Natural and cordial, Dessy promised to give an interview for our readers. I really wanted to show not only the actress, […]

Reflections – Heritage

April 19, 2012 by · No comments

by Jonathan C. Beck Photo: Jonathan C. Beck What does one do when internet isn’t available? I know what I used to do. I would read books, hang out with friends, color, draw, watch TV and movies. I could still draw, but those other things aren’t readily available to me at the moment. I will […]

Artist of the Week — DJ Stan Kolev, DJ Matan Caspi & Poli Hubavenska

April 9, 2012 by · No comments

An Interview with DJ Stan Kolev, DJ Matan Caspi and Poli Hubavenska Stan Kolev’s bio Matan Caspi’s bio So how did the madness get its start, how did you start DJing? We’ve always been involved in this world called music, since childhood. We both fell in love with electronic music a bit more than a […]

The Valley of Longevity: nature and peace

April 6, 2012 by · 1 comment

By Stanislava Georgieva Location: Banana Republic – Vilcabamba, Ecuador Time of the year: January, 2011 People: International Altitude: 1500 m above the sea level State of mind and body: very balanced and high energy Level of Stress: 0 Life: very simple Colors: yellow, green and blue Info Augusto, 98 years old man, likes to flirt, […]

Bali: About the experience, the people, and the good vibes

April 5, 2012 by · 3 comments

By Mina Nacheva Here are a few things to consider before you go to Bali. First of all, it’s warm – and I say this for a reason. Clearly, you’d pack your summer suitcase. But do take a look at the weather forecast anyway. When you do that, make sure to look at the air […]

Dr. Menis Yousry: “There is no rule book for life and we cannot divide personal experiences, professional experience and intuition”

April 4, 2012 by · 1 comment

An Interview with Dr. Menis Yousry by Rossitza Yotkovska Many times each one of us has felt vulnerable and told oneself “I want to be stronger”, in moments of weakness “I want to be determined” or after an involuntary mistake “I want to be perfect”. And something more, there are so many books written and […]

Meditation and me

April 3, 2012 by · No comments

Magi Nazer Photo: AlicePopkorn I have been involved in an online course of meditation for a couple of weeks now. This is the Peace revolution Self-Development program which you can easily get signed up for. In order to give you the chance to get to know a bit more about it and why not – […]