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Fado Promessa – the new album by Telmo Pires

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Coming soon (Release: 19.10.2012)


One who set forth …

Fado Promessa | Fado Promise – the new album by Telmo Pires is the first one that he recorded in Portugal.

As a prototype of a modern European, Pires, who was born in Portugal, commutes between his home and the urban metropolises of Paris and Berlin. The influences of these different cultures and life styles form the basis of his artistic creation. Love for his own cultural roots, and openness and sensibility for musical encounters gave birth to his exceptional fado style. The Berlin magazine “Zitty” wrote: “Pires’ own individual interpretation of Portuguese soul music progressively grows, bowing down respectfully in front of tradition, yet without shutting out the influences from his life in Berlin.”

Telmo Pires spent ten years in his adopted home Berlin before he decided, in 2011, to continue his musical career in Lisbon, returning to his hometown and the birthplace of fado. It was obviously the right place at the right time. Even though he had never worked in Portugal, he immediately succeeded in making numerous contacts and impressing musicians and colleagues with his personality and talent. One of these musicians later went on to become the producer of his new album: David Zaccaria.

Photo: Ismael Prata

Zaccaria is one of the country’s most renowned musicians. As a composer, cellist, arranger and musical director he has worked for important musicians and performers, whose fame today has spread far beyond the borders of Portugal.

Fado stars such as Mariza, Ana Moura, Dulce Pontes, Jorge Fernando (who discovered Mariza and Ana Moura) are among them, as well as the grand seigneur of fado, Carlos do Carmo and Paulo de Carvalho, only to name a few. Zaccaria was enthused not only by Telmo Pires’ voice and talent, but also by his impartial, open style and his courage to treat fado in a very individual way. This is partly because Pires is not “only” a performer; he is also a composer and lyricist, making him one of the great exceptions among fado singers.

In the fall of 2011, the recording of “Fado Promess” began and several of the most well-known fado musicians collaborated on the production. Fernando Silva, a master of the Portuguese guitar, Luis Pontes, one of the most innovative accompaniments on the acoustic guitar, contrabass player José Canha, who already played together with Mariza before her big breakthrough, and of course, producer Davide Zaccaria himself on cello and in charge of the arrangements. António Pinheiro, who already had worked with the pop star António Variações in the 80ies and for years later accompanied Madredeus on their travels as a sound technician, could be won over as an additional sound technician.

Photo: Ismael Prata

Telmo Pries selected 10 songs for his Portuguese debut. Newly arranged, classical fados, for the greater part with his own lyrics such as “Bem acompanhado / Fado Magala”, Se esta alma tivesse voz / Fado primavera” sound entirely new. “Meu mor”, “Morena” and “Reis e rainhas” demonstrate his songwriter qualities. The music to “Estranho lugar” and “Sonho meu” were penned by the producer Zaccaria.

There are only two songs on which Pires did not contribute to the lyrics or composition: “A voz que tenho“, a “fado tradicional” known as “Fado Esmeraldinha” and “Verdes são os campos”, a poem by the national poet Luis de Camões from the 16th century, set to music by the Portuguese singer/songwriter Jodé Afonso. The album closes with “Os navios” an arrangement of the title “Tango to Evora” by the Canadian Loreena McKennitt. Obviously impressed by the Temo Pires’ lyrics, arrangement and interpretation, she allowed him to release his version on “Fado Promessa”.

Davide Zaccaria: “As a singer and as a musician, Telmo Pires is an example of a contemporary and authentic approach to the fado – together with awareness of and respect for the past.”

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