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“Hey You” – new video by Léah Kline

February 13, 2013 by · No comments

“Hey You!” started as a poem written in a cafe in Amsterdam by Leah Kline and was set to music by the jazz composer Dirk Balthaus. The young actor Jasper van der Veen and the musicians Wolfgang Maiwald and Jase Maxwell helped to produce the corresponding video released on January 15, 2013.

Music: Dirk Balthaus
Lyrics: Léah Kline
Video: Jase Maxwell
Editing : Wolfgang Maiwald
featuring : Jasper van der Veen

This and other jazz grooves you will find on the album “JuzzFlirtin”.
Signed copies can be ordered via


Hey you!
you there with hand on your chin.
Staring at the sky
boredom in your eyes
Are you lost?
At what cost.
waiting for life to pass you by?
or waiting for the thrill to kick in.

Hey you.
you there with your head hanging down
concerned with a frown
staring at the ground
you hiding?
been trying
too hard to figure out what it’s all about
or for someone to look you in the eye.

Hey I recognize
your disguise
I am here
Let me whisper in your ear
something that will bring you back
something beautifully inspiring. light and gay
Then you can go on your way
(with something to) put in your pocket.

Hey You
I’ll trade you a whisper for a smile
Trade your disguise
for something wiser
your lie for the truth
don’t be lost at the cost of Today
My whisper is on the way, on the wind
Open up your ears and let me whisper something in.

Review of the album “JuzzFlirtin”

“Juzz Flirtin” begins like a standard jazz album, then with each song glides deeper and deeper in. The album is pulled along playfully with the words along a central theme of the afore mentioned mysticism and “synergy”.

Everything is so sumptuously present that one cannot make out the ice cream under the chocolate sauce from the nuts, the caramel cream and the whipped cream. And on top of that: Léah Kline’s lyrics twirl clearly from esotery, to even mysticism. The music is to be praised. – Michael Arens

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