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It must have rained during the night

September 29, 2008 by · 1 comment

Jude Lally

Photo: audreyjm529

It must have rained during the night

            ever so slightly

                                    Droplets dripping down from rooftops

            very lightly

                                                            Slowly spilling into storm drains

                                                                        Scantily filling up potholes


It must have sprinkled a little last night

                                    just enough to tease the trees

                                    to make the grass resemble green

                                    to moisten the struggling moss—

lately rainfall is at a loss


The sky released a nocturnal emission

it had been saving for the coming

                                    barely enough to allow the flowers a drink                                                         to soften the ground

                                    to dampen dirt mounds—

visible brownness all around


A meager drizzle fell overnight

                                    the withering leaves are grateful

                                    the thirsty creatures are thankful

                        the streets are glistening and I am listening

                        to the whooshing sound of tires

                                                                                    rolling over wet asphalt


            Upon venturing outside

                                                to smell the fresh rainfall

                                    I realize my inkling was only wishful thinking

                                                            it didn’t come down after all


                                                                        Maybe I was hoping for an a.m. dousing

                        while under shelter

                        with no chance of being caught

                                                                        out in inclement weather


Perhaps I was dreaming

of a year long drought

or during sleep

hearing a trickling spout

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