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Krassimir Avramov: I love being loved

March 15, 2009 by · 3 comments

Interview of Krassimir Avramov by Tatiana Pedersen

Photo: Vassil Karkelanov

The career of Krassimir Avramov, the man-voice, has been well documented. He had been a mime and producer in Bulgaria before fulfilling his American dream. We have read about his many concerts and his life among the stars of Los Angeles. He is now in Bulgaria, preparing a new album for release, as well as his own song for participation in Eurovision 09.

This interview is a way to understand Krassy as a person, his motivations and thrills.

The Concert in Kodak Theatre

Krassy, what made you come back to Bulgaria, despite your commitments in Los Angeles and Las Vegas? Did your aspiration for popularity start in childhood?

I’ve always known that I’d be famous one day. When I was little, on school trips, I used hide and wait until everybody had gotten on the bus waiting for me, so that I could be the last one to get on and everyone would see me when I arrive.

When did you start performing for an audience and what was your classmates’ reception?

I was the class clown, since first grade. I started writing sketches in third grade. One was titled “The bank robber”, which I presented at the city festival, too. It was very successful.

What kind of kid were you?

I liked to be the center of attention and I liked to be admired. I was even the leader of a group of friends, whose goal was to help old people. We used our organization to do some mischief.

You were already very popular in Bulgaria. Why did you decide to leave for the States in 1998?

Yes, I was popular indeed. I had the opportunity to give concerts, to present theater shows, and I also produced one of the first reality shows on Bulgarian TV. A conversation with a famous fellow show business person got me thinking about my goals.

He told me he had achieved the pinnacle of his career, since he had a nice house, lots of money and everybody knew him. Material things have never been a primary goal for me; they come with success. I like luxury, but my goal has never been to be rich. I have always wanted to be on stage; this is what makes me happy.

I used to escape the crowd’s noise during those years, looking for seclusion on a deserted beach. I just needed the sea’s noise and solitude. I was looking for my life’s path and for real happiness. I was happy with my work as a mine, but I felt and knew I wanted more and was capable for more.

I was dreaming for a bigger, international stage and I wanted to sing, too. Pantomime is in my blood and music is in my heart. Perhaps it’s following my heart is when I happened in America and I stayed.

How did America welcome you?

America made me a better person and gave me the opportunities I was looking for. It gave me warmth of human relationships and well-intentioned, positive people. Los Angeles is a difficult place to succeed, life is hard and competition is strong, but everyone can get a chance.

Despite all the difficulties, when you open your eyes in the morning and go out on the balcony, the Californian sun warms you up and the air fills you with hope.

This forceful energy gets me moving and gives me the power to enjoy life and believe in success. Every day you start with a smile is a day, which brings new chances.

Photo: Malte Möller

How long did it take you to convince your producer to do the album?

Convincing Mr. Kim to finance the album wasn’t easy. He adored my voice and had promised to help, but after two years of wait I decided to do something myself. Being in Hollywood yet without being able to do something was horrible.

I found a job on a fishing trailer in Alaska, since I figured out I would be able to publish the album with a few months’ salary. Hard work didn’t scare me; I was ready to do everything possible.

I wanted to produce Popera! I went to his office with my luggage and my ticket to let him know I was leaving. He then started writing down something and handed me out a check.

I was speechless. He said he not only believed in my talent, but my determination convinced him I really wanted success. He had produced lots of albums of singers who wanted to have one, but were not really dedicated to music.

My spirit and confidence were the evidence that I really wanted success and I live for music.

Then concerts, merited awards and success followed…

Yes, this is what led to my concert in Kodak Theater, just days before the Academy Awards ceremony was held there.

How did you meet Anastacia?

This is a funny story. I was looking for someone to open my concert. I had heard some demo recordings of hers and I liked her voice. I wanted to help a talented girl and decided to hire her.

I had no idea she was so famous in Europe. I was surprised when she told me she was the star. We missed each other at that point, but I hope we have a concert together or do a duet someday.

Photo: Malte Möller

There is an Evita in your song Illusion – is she a real woman?

Hm, Evita… No, she is not real. She has a little bit from every real woman I have ever loved and wanted to love.

Work and music are my passion at this moment. I am hoping to represent Bulgaria at Eurovision 2009. That depends, of course, on whether I am picked at the finals.

Who is the perfect woman for you?

I would like the woman I love to be tender, but also a bit dominant, persistent, yet not stubborn. It’s difficult to describe such a woman in a few words.

I see women in colors, melodies and aromas. Just as a painter in front of a painting, a composer in front of his scores and a perfumer looking for the perfect herbs and flowers.

With “Miss Korea”

What do you dream of? Tell me something you wish for 2009.

I want to perform Illusion at Eurovision 2009. We have prepared an incredible show. Actually, I don’t like contests, since that means winners and losers. Every performer is unique, in my opinion, and every fellow singer deserves to win.

If Bulgaria chooses me, I’ll be very happy to represent my country in Moscow.

I’ve always lived in my dreams. Goals are important to me and I believe that when you do something from the heart things turn out well, sometimes just by themselves.

I just learned today that my song Memories was included in the album The Best Pop Opera 2009, to come out in Turkey. I am very happy they picked my composition to open the album and I am in the same album as Jose Carreras, The Golden Tenors and other famous singers.

I enjoy every single day and look forward to the future with open eyes and heart.

My real life’s jewels are my family and friends; I live for my audience and my work.

In his home in Beverly Hills

Krassimir Avramov was born in Sliven, Bulgaria. He graduated from the National Academy for Theater and Film Arts. Actor by soul and education, he also is endowed with a phenomenal voice. Krassimir is a tenor-altino, a rare type of voice. His predilection for music cross-genre takes him in a different direction. He publishes the album Silent Voiced (1997) in Bulgaria, which puts him on the top of the music charts.

He leaves Bulgaria and settles in Los Angeles in 1998 and starts an impressive career in his 10 years on American soil. After many concerts around the world, Krassimir wins the Superstar of the Year award in 2005.

His last album, Popera, brings him the recognition of a creator of a new style in music, the symbiosis of pop and opera.

Krassimir has been working on recording his song Illusion for two months. It is a mix of a contemporary sound, the signer’s solo vocal, as well as folk instruments and vocals. Within the song melody you can hear the virtuoso performance of violinist Karen Briggs and world-renowned kaval musician Teodosi Spasov. Singers from Bulgaria’s oldest folk music ensemble are among the participants.

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