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New Orleans Shirt

September 26, 2008 by · No comments

Chungyen Chang

Photo: peyri

lonely shirt in goodwill,
two dollars
please buy me
i’m purple and black
size S
for super
super shirt
super sexy
i’ll match your curves
i’m purple and black
a little beaten and bruised
sorry if i smell a little funny
they washed and pressed me two times

ruffled edges
i’ve been better
but you know,
you know
you want me
for just two dollars
you can wear me at the taco bell
and waste your other two dollars on the beef
and then
you won’t wear me

i’m telling ya
please buy me
just two dollars
size S
sorry about these words here
it’s just a little history
the hard rock cafe,
you know
you’ve been there, right?
the one in new orleans?
the one that isn’t there

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