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June 26, 2009 by · 1 comment

Tanya Kolyovska

Photo: Joe Shlabotnik

Across a well of autumn rays
The street sets out
For the sky.
The trees stream down molten.
Homeless dogs
Warm the sidewalk.
The shadows vanish.

* * *

Photo: jpctalbot

The old woman
I buy flowers from
Every year
Throughout the years….
Like a dry tiny blade of grass
She sways gently in the garden –
Larger and larger,
Amidst flowers –
Taller and taller,
Waiting for me –
Every year
Throughout the years.

* * *

Photo: Spiros2004

The sun and the little old woman,
Both hunch-backed
Walk down the path
Towards me.
I can store them
As a memory
The sun and the old woman.

I am but a visitor.

Translated from Bulgarian by Valentin Krustev

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