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Poems by Ivan Kulekov – Part I

July 2, 2009 by · 1 comment

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Once upon a time there was a fabulously beautiful bird.
She lived in the dreams of the artists, poets and hunters.
The artists tried to draw her their whole lives, but never succeeded in capturing her image. And the people said to them:
-If you can’t draw her it means there is no such bird.
The poets tried their whole lives to describe her, but did not succeed. And the people said to them:
-If you cannot describe her to us, it means that there is no such bird.
-What do you mean she doesn’t exist? –cried the hunters.
They grabbed their rifles, fired in the dreams and killed the bird.
Then they stuffed her.
And the people said nothing.


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With much flying, the Eagle reached the peak.
And he was dumbfounded.
The peak was already taken by the snail.
But of course, explained the snail, I was hatched here.


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A writer was looking for his language.
He tried to write in his native language.
Nothing came out so he tried another – the same.
Flipping through old books, he discovered the language of Aesop, studied it and began to use it.
Not much time passed and the readers began to understand the writer – Aesop’s language was nationalized.

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