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“Public Republic” turns 6!

October 21, 2012 by · 1 comment

Six years ago today, the realization of an idea began – the idea for a global scene for writers, artists, journalists and all other people interested in the arts.

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The sixth year is critical in human life – at six, we slowly but irreversibly start seeing the watershed between myth and logos; magic and reality; childhood and adulthood. At six, we begin to think about this border, and seek for ways to make sense of it and explain it – to ourselves and to those around us alike.

On the threshold of this critical age “Public Republic” also decided to pose this question – what changes when we grow up – we or the world? Or are we all in the perpetual cycle of maturation together?

Every beginning is an idea. In our case, an idea in the mind of Natalia Nikolaeva. It was born in a dialogue. A dialogue with her own self. She must have looked away from the world and asked herself, “Well, what would I lose if I tried?” And then she must have set her eyes back on the world again, because that’s precisely where ripe, meaningful ideas belong – in reality.

An idea is therefore a border between myth and logos, dream and reality. An idea is plan, a project turning thought into action. The path from thought to action is the dialogue – now not just with herself anymore but with a group of like-minded people who truly believe in it and are ready to help. A conversation ensues.

Thus the idea is already present in the world around her, but is still hidden – it appears only to the community of followers. It will be revealed when the conversation between them reaches an audience and establishes communication with it.

Now the idea is fully implemented – it already encompasses the original inventor, the community of like-minded people and the audience which in turn internalizes it and becomes part of that community. Has the idea reached its peak now? Has it stopped growing?

The experience of “Public Republic” shows that an idea never stops growing, and therefore never gets old or dies. It is always a work in progress, updating constantly, receiving in its bosom new followers and seeking new channels for transmitting its current messages and for invoking new ones.

Thus, on our sixth birthday – a celebration for our team and our audience alike (after all, without you, dear readers, this day wouldn’t matter anything) – we’d like to promise you and ourselves the following:

We will never stop asking questions and seeking the answers regarding the leading idea of ​​the magazine that has inspired thousands of people in Bulgaria and around the world – to give speech, art and culture as much freedom as possible – to renew and recreate this idea with each article and each message we publish, thus helping it grow just as it helps us grow up morally and intellectually.

The more we grow, the more it becomes clear to us that the divide between myth and logos, imagination and reality, unconscious and rationality we mentioned above, is not a barrier but a bridge – a bridge of ideas. Give way to your ideas just as you have been devoting your time and attention to us for six years now!

Thank you very much!,

The “Public Republic” team

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