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Sofia from Sofia: “Fashion and Design – Passions and dreams that I want to experience every day and always”

January 3, 2010 by · 49 comments

Vania Nikolaeva interview with designer Sofia Husein

Translation by Maria Aladjova


The project “Sofia from Sofia” started on January 2008 г. while I was studying fashion design in Hamburg University of Applied Sciences.

Once, while we were shooting the photo shoot for my collection trash-couture in Sofia, Bulgaria, the make up artist (who is my friend) suggested that I name my label “Sofia from Sofia” – after all my name is Sofia and I’m from Sofia, so it came out very good.

Trash Couture_Collection

Since then I’ve been working as a designer and stylist on flexible working hours. My goal is to develop and approve “Sofia from Sofia” as a new and fashionable label and to take part in other projects of other artist from areas like photography, visual arts and graphics.

Trash Couture_Collection 3

In March I am about to present my diploma project “The elegancy comeback” – a collection inspired by the the 20s and 30s, by women’s emancipation, by the dogmas of that time and the new acknowledgement of femininity and emancipation.

Trash Couture_Collection

The idea behind “Sofia from Sofia” is fashion that is not based on invented and despotic fashion rules and life from the point of view of every woman – an eclectic fashion for an eclectic world…


How does fashion influence the individuality of a person?

Fashion can enrich and express the individuality of a person but at the same time it can oppress. The line is easy to cross. A person shouldn’t be “hiding” behind tendencies and fashion trends – fashion hasn’t been created for that.

For me fashion is an expression of every person – to present yourself in the society the way you want to be presented. Fashion is like an instant picture of what we feel or the way we would like to feel.


Is there more of the past or more of the future in fashion, today?

The past is the base on which the future happens and develops. Today we talk about “recycling” as the new creativity. But a person should never look too much to the past because if so he can be stuck in there and unable to see the ideas of tomorrow.


Which fashion designers do you prefer and why?

It’s hard to say just one name. I like the colourful expression of Galliano, the futuristic visions of Hussein Chalayan, the autoirony and humor in The Victor&Rolf collection. But the designer which style I admire the most is Elie Saab. His models represent the exalted femininity and endless elegancy.


What do you dream about?

I dream about my own label, about its success and of course the opportunity or let’s say the freedom to do what I’ve always wanted to do, what inspires me – that is to say: to create models in which women can feel beautiful, wanted and comfortable.

collection_Spring-Summer 2008

What is fashion to you?

Fashion and design – this is my future. Passions and dreams that I want to experience every day and always. I can’t imagine something different than that.


Which is your favourite colour?

In different periods I like different colours – I call them “my colour waves”. In a certain period I create in only one colour. Right now I am all about grey. Grey for me is one of the most diverse colours. It’s a mixture between black and white – it contrasts in a very harmonic way. However, my favourite colour is blue – as a clear sky in a sunny day.

projekt_One night in September

What is the “perfect clothing” for you?

I can describe the perfect clothing with just one word – comfortable. Feeling beautiful and good with what you wear without thinking about it. There is nothing worse than a woman who pulls something on her toilet – in that case even the most beautiful dress loses its charm. Fashion should exist to help people, not the opposite!



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