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A Few Hints for Registering and Submitting to Public Republic

September 14, 2008 by · 833 comments

Dear friends, as you know, Public Republic is a project open to everyone who wants to share his or her creative work and opinions.

The best way to use the site is to register.

It’s quite easy.

The registration is a standard process (with minimum requirements). All you need to do is to click on “Registration” in the right sidebar, choose a user name and provide an email address. Your password will arrive shortly by email.

To log in, click on “Login” in the right sidebar and enter your user name and password. Then you will be redirected to the site you came from. On the right sidebar, a new link will appear: “Site Admin”. This is your access point to the publishing mechanism of the magazine.

There you will be able to write and edit your submissions, or change any of your profile settings.

In order to edit your Profile please follow the link in the upper right corner of the browser’s window.

One thing you might want to do right away is to change the system password you received with one you can remember easily. To do so, go to your Profile, find the fields “New password” at the bottom of the page, type in the new password twice, and press “Save changes”.

You might also want to select a Display name, i.e. the name which will be displayed along your published works. This may be different from the user name you need to log in. You have the option to fill any or all of the following fields: “Nickname“, “First Name”, and “Last name”. Then select (after once “Saving changes” ) from the dropdown list beneath your preferred “Display name”.

The other fields are – I suppose – self explanatory.

Then click on the “Write” link above and … hm … write.

After registration everyone receives a Contributor status. From that point on, he or she will be able to write and edit his or her own submissions and send them for review. Our editors regularly read your submissions. They have been tasked to provide for us an exciting and versatile site.

With your help, they will!

So go on, submit your work!

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