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Something to Remember

February 3, 2009 by · No comments

Chuck Clenney

Photo: jesuspresley

I forgot about snow

And so much more

Until Old Man Winter

Came knocking at my door.

With his rigid cheeks & smirking grin

Face: virgin while and stretched out thin.

He delivered to me a shiver and

Then he came on in.

He proclaimed that the winds

Of the fall were his friends

And they showed up and

Separated the door from its hinge.

Leaves of colors fell

As they passed the baton and

Said farewell to Old Man Winter

As Autumn moved on.

So here I stood

Remembering something so regrettable.

I had completely forgotten

That winter is inevitable.

I pushed and I tried

To get him outside,

He did not cry, in fact in his silence,

He was plaguing my mind.

No sound of life

From this tundra of time,

Old Man Winter shows his face,

It is horrible, yet sublime.

This human life; like winter in a sense,

Ephemeral while it lasts, blanket white; intense.

With the initial fall

Snowflakes fill the night sky

Being born, burning out,

Life is temporary,

One day you will die.

Enjoy the rest of your days to the fullest.

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