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Success is not in money or recognition, but in every day of fulfillment

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An interview with Eduardo Moreno by Ani Vasileva

I’ve been in the world of photography for about a year, but I’ve been attracted to art since I can remember. When I was perhaps 4 year old, I used to draw and paint. In my teenage years I made short films. I absorbed a very strong graphic culture. There is always some source that fills me with images, in any artistic expression, and that make me happy.

You shared with us that you started with painting, then you began making movies and you’ve been a photographer for a year. What is your next step? Sculptures, maybe?

Ha ha… actually, now I’m really interested in finishing my photography studies and improving my work in fashion photography. Maybe publish a book of photos at the end of the year based on contemporary dance, tango, and other types of dance, bringing those arts to the streets and taking some pictures of that.

Who or what is your muse and what keeps you being a person with an urge to create?

My muse are women, definitely, in terms of aesthetics. But my life has revolved around music, film, and arts. Since I was a kid I have absorbed not just visual culture, but also movement and music, in which emerging ideas are mixed and intertwined, along with photographs.

Which human emotion is the strongest in your opinion and what kind of photo can express it in the most proper way?

Love. My first photographs were effective in their ability to capture moments showing love in different explicit ways. But I’m trying to create closer, more intimate moments in that kind of pictures.

The most expressive kind of photo is a photo called “True Love”. I shot this picture like a year ago, at a beach in Antofagasta, Chile, and it was a perfect moment.

True Love

True Love

What is the most beautiful part of the human body?

It is very difficult to answer this, because for me the body really works in harmony or contradiction as a whole, everything is complemented by everything else. There must be harmony just like in life, so beautiful as life. If I have to indicate just one part of the body, perhaps the finesse of the facial features, then long legs, hips maybe.

What is the role of intuition in your work?

It is quite important to me while I’m thinking about a photo frame. I’ve reached a point in my life when it revolves mostly around photography and anything can be a subject. And there are times when only intuition born by the need to capture something out of necessity is just like breathing or eating to me. I get to the point of going anywhere, doing anything, always with the camera in my arm.

What does the perfect photo include?

There are some basic rules implied in a photograph, especially the lighting, shadows, etc. But more than that, I feel that the most important element is seeking to convey an emotion, even remembering past moment of one’s life.

What was the feeling when you saw your first published photo?

Actually this would be my first publication of a photo in an arts magazine. Yet, the power to see my photos on a disc, on a flyer, on a postcard, publicity photographs, fills me up, makes me feel that rich feedback by the people whose opinion I care about so much every day of my work.

Without doubt, the moment of greatest emotion was when I saw a picture of mine in an exhibition hall at the Catholic University in Santiago, Chile. I saw myself among some great photographers. I had participated in this contest along with more than 700 people, and I had won the 4th place award. I had been taking pictures for 3 months only and I realized that there really was something good that I could give back to the world. It is in that moment that I decided to devote myself more fully to photography.

What would you ever do, if there was no art?

I don’t think that I’m an artist; I think I need many years and a lot of humility to work on large photographic projects. But beyond that, I live with art, I listen to a lot of music, I read, watch movies and hundreds of photographs every day. That’s what I do as breathing or eating. It’s as human as love, sex and work. Honestly, I couldn’t do anything else, I would be lost.

Give us an advice how to be successful in our lives and the things we are doing.

Some months ago, I was studying law and I liked it a lot, but I did not like it as much as photography. There are things you love, that give you joy and pleasure by just making them. For me, that is photography: it is happiness in its purity. Do what makes you happy, this should always be your first priority. There is no other way to be successful in life. Success is not in money or recognition, but in every day you’ve felt fulfillment.

Says a man very, very happy.

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