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Sunday, April 8, 2012

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Lauren Sophie Kearney


It may be Sunday, and for most a day of rest, but I will not be resting today. There is an abundance of unfinished story planning that I’m itching to finish. Not that I want to finish it as such, I just want there to be an end to planning so that I can start writing the actual story itself. I cannot see that happening any time soon, however.

And that is because of my tendency to go overboard with planning.

As for Easter, I wouldn’t have even remembered it if a friend hadn’t told me. I don’t celebrate Easter, really. When I was younger, Easter was a novelty because I got given boxes of chocolate eggs and I’d eat them all up in one day and make myself feel sick to my stomach.

That was the only attachment I had to Easter. Although, I have to admit that the Bulgarian Easter bread, Kozulnak, is tremendously delicious and I shall attempt to make it one of these days, as I’m becoming more enthusiastic about cooking.

Sat at my writing desk, laptop in front of me, coffee to the side, I am ready to begin work. This is my usual writing routine, but I don’t always write on my laptop; I like to write the old-fashioned way with a pencil and notebook. It’s just that it isn’t always convenient.

I end up sitting at my desk for three hours non-stop, and although I’ve written much, my limbs are achy and tired but this doesn’t stop me; I continue because I believe that to gain results you must work hard.

Many writers claim that they write when they are ‘inspired’, but if you want to become a professional, full-time writer, you must work put in the hours as any other nine till five worker would do. If I were to write only when I felt inspired, I’d merely have a page written weekly.

I would tell you what I am currently writing about but I’m quite secretive when it comes to my creations. I hope that, one day, all this methodical planning will pay off and I’ll have a masterpiece to show from it. One day perhaps …

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