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Angel Wings in the Backyard

6 March, 2013 от · No comments

Chris McCurry Photo: me and the sysop Stacked underneath the pine behind the shed, their grey feathers pull away from the bone. On hot days the stench carries to the house and flies swarm laying eggs.

My Arms and Hands Abandon Me

9 February, 2013 от · 3 comments

Chris McCurry Photo: Elvert Barnes While I slept they wandered into a hug, held the door for people drifting in and out of hotel lobbies, flipped through every page in the photography section at the public library. Today they resent holding a fork or accenting my words.

Divination for the 21st Century

6 February, 2013 от · 2 comments

Chris McCurry Photo: ~Beekeeper~ Sleeping Child In soft light while reading, see the woman she will be, all she’ll do in life, the cities she’ll build, the men and women she will love. Highways You cannot focus on speed. With your brights on, as you drive under the overpass, read the graffitied walls.