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Divination for the 21st Century

February 6, 2013 by · 2 comments

Chris McCurry

Chris McCurry
Photo: ~Beekeeper~

Sleeping Child

In soft light while reading,
see the woman she will be,
all she’ll do in life, the cities she’ll build,
the men and women she will love.


You cannot focus on speed.
With your brights on,
as you drive under the overpass,
read the graffitied walls.


Learn how the body
even when breaking down
eventually returns;

then you too
will return.


If you speak the language
you will not hear the babble:
your fears, your death coming
from the stereo above the grill.


This requires blood.

You must cut off limbs, become a
stump of yourself.

You will see the dreams
you’ve truncated.

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