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8 December, 2009 от · 1 comment

Dimiter Anguelov Photo: Anyaka For centuries in succession, this ferryman, lost in the crossing of the river, keeps trying to carry over my soul. It is not immortality that attracts him in that useless journey. His suffering kills me little by little. Exhausted, I shout at him in vain: “Wretched fellow, don’t you see that […]


1 December, 2009 от ·

Aphorisms by Dimiter Anguelov Photo: Dimíter Ánguelov * This is how an aphorism is made: catch the right spots of the narrative thread, tie them tight into a knot and cut off the rest. * Freedom, dear birdie, is not to get out of the cage, but to be able to fly with it. * […]


24 November, 2009 от ·

Dimiter Angeulov Photo: stephcarter “On my way across the Parede City Park, I noticed a woman who had bent down too much, much more than amateur photography requires when shooting a goose. Her temporizing dragged on for so long that I lost patience and said: “Out of this will come … nothing will come out […]