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December 1, 2009 by ·

Aphorisms by Dimiter Anguelov

Photo: Dimíter Ánguelov

* This is how an aphorism is made: catch the right spots of the narrative thread, tie them tight into a knot and cut off the rest.

* Freedom, dear birdie, is not to get out of the cage, but to be able to fly with it.

* There are so little truths that to see them they must be augmented with very big lies.

* We increased the radius of a truth four times, then we multiplied it by 2π and we got the perimeter of a big lie.

* We examined nothingness closely from a different angle: nothingness looked the same; we did not.

* I stood up against everyone. They began to hate me. I held together with everyone. They condemned me.

* The nightingales sang badly, so badly that they did not even deserve their name. But it is often that way with poetry.

* And I prayed to God, and I scratched myself all over with my nails, and I was ready to begin to tear my hair, when I heard some inside voice: “Oh, wretched fellow, don’t bother Him, because the Lord God is not given the power of words.”

* On the top of happiness there is never room for two.

* We tied the two ends of Ariadne’s thread and we got a perfect labyrinth.

* Common sense is like a ball: no matter how much we deflect it, it never travels too far from its center.

* Watch the Great Bear carefully and you will discover that forms are only an apparition of numbers.

* The greatest difficulty begins when our greatest dream becomes the only opportunity.

* Evolution is a huge chain, which splits into two, four and so on, and the number of the chains grows increasingly. Until all disappear with the splitting of the last link.

* The ideal axis is a wheel that is deprived of everything except motion.

* The true philosopher has one single task: to prove that in philosophy no one is absolutely right, including him, who claims to be so.

Translated from Bulgarian by Valentin Krustev and Donna Martell

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