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Friday, February 3, 2012

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AnnMarie Rudin Lille, 03-février. 12 I love being a student, which is something I have not said in a very long time. But my classes and my docents (for the most part) impress me so deeply. I learned so much this morning, but I won’t detail everything. I felt so accomplished afterward, and I wish […]

Thursday, February 02, 2012

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AnnMarie Rudin Lille, 02-février. 12 I slept in. Overslept is most likely the more precise word to use, for I unintentionally slept too long, unconsciously ignoring the alarms that rang under my pillow. Oops. Therefore, I missed my first class of the day, which was French to German translation. The class is underwhelmingly simple, so […]

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

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AnnMarie Rudin Lille, 01-février. 12 I slept well, but not long enough. Therefore waking this morning was a challenge, but I had one thing on my mind which encouraged me to ready for class: Balzac. I regret not becoming acquainted with his works before now, but at the same time, I am thankful to be […]

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

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AnnMarie Rudin Lille, 31-janvier. 12 I wonder who recognizes me here. Who sees me regularly and thinks, she is off again. My outerwear is limited, and due to the weather, I wear more or less the same each time I venture into the city. I have a gray mantle, which matches the buildings and the […]

Monday, January 30, 2012

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AnnMarie Rudin Lille, 30-janvier. 12 It was welcoming to return to a familiar setting. There is an element of calm and of order that I am able to appreciate here, which is much different from the dystopia where I spent the weekend. I realized that I am not who I thought I was. There are […]

Brittany – kenavo ar c’hentañ

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Klara Barcic There is an extremely interesting and mysterious point in the north-west of France, which a traveler cannot leave without saying au revoir, à la prochaine (in Breton kenavo ar c’hentañ). This point is called Brittany (Breizh). Its cliffs are very well acquainted with dark ocean storms and with the awfully unpredictable strength of […]

Multimedia Box: The Louvre

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The Louvre is one of the most popular world museums and is actually the one attracting the most visitors. Its building was originally erectd in the XII centiury as a fortress, transformed into a museum at the end of the XVII cetury, during the French Revolution. The Louvre holds over 35 000 artifacts, some dating […]

Reading Michaux’s Portrait of the Meidosems

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Darren Jackson Photo: carlsonimkeller Although it’s been many years since I first escaped into the tormented mythology of the Meidosems, the images still hold me the way the Meidosems’ grip one of their children of the soul, dangled by the ankle “in the wind and the rain” (115)*. I had moved to the south of […]