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Friday, February 3, 2012

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AnnMarie Rudin


Lille, 03-février. 12

I love being a student, which is something I have not said in a very long time. But my classes and my docents (for the most part) impress me so deeply. I learned so much this morning, but I won’t detail everything. I felt so accomplished afterward, and I wish every day could be like this.

Then finally, I had time to myself, which is exactly what I wanted. I’ve been with people nonstop this past week, and as much as I love socializing, I also need privacy. I bought myself a sandwich, and I cooped myself up in my room for the rest of the day.

The relaxation was well needed and deserved, if I may say so. It’s remarkable, though, how so many thoughts to write down can transpire from an uneventful afternoon.

One I will share: I was looking at pictures from last night. There’s one in particular that I like. It shows me and my friend.


Her pose immediately reminded me of an image I studied in a course called “The Human Body in Photography” last year. I had forgotten the photographer’s name, but I could see the photograph clearly in my mind.

I resorted to search engines, typing in “performance art women sex doll” until finally I recovered what I wanted! The artist’s name is David LaChapelle, and the photograph is entitled Lil Kim: Blow Up Doll.


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