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Bansko Jazz 2011 – Yoni Vidal

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Interview by Dessislava Berndt with the guitarist and music composer Yoni Vidal

Jazz Festival Bansko

The International Jazz Festival in Bansko is one of the biggest summer musical events in Bulgaria and one of the foremost international cultural happenings on the Balkans.

Since its foundation in 1998 the festival has been held every year from August 8th to 13th in the small town of Bansko. The concerts are free for the public.

Traditionally, the programme features styles and groups representing almost all jazz trends. During the festival week jazz is also played on various smaller stages in the large resort complexes and restaurants.

Today we would like to present you guitarist and music composer Yoni Vidal, who performed together with his band Estrellas this summer in the XIV International Jazz Festival in Bansko.

The press conference, Foto: D. Berndt

Yoni, how was Bansko Jazz 2011?

Bansko Jazz was really great. Not only because of the beauty of the location but, also by the way we were welcomed by the public, the organizers and the staff.

Yoni Vidal and Dr. Iliev, manager of the Bansko Jazz Festival, Foto: D. Berndt

What impression did you get of the country and the people?

The impression that remains from those few days is happiness. We found a beautiful country with important human values and with great respect for their traditions. People were generous and kind and attentive to our needs and to our questions.

What was the most surprising experience for you and the band playing there?

Our music is music of celebration and sharing. We were supposed to play outside on the big stage. In the evening of the concert, at the last minute, a big storm broke and we had to change the performance location at the last minute. Fortunately, the organizers had a plan B. The theater behind the main stage was at our disposal. We had to move with the technical staff the instruments under the rain. We were thinking that all the public couldn’t be there due to lack of space and also because it was raining so hard that no one would leave home.

The show, Foto: D. Berndt

Against all odds, the theater was full, we had not started the line check yet that the audience applauded us already! From the first notes the party started! Girls were dancing on stage with us! Even the hosts of the festival were dancing! Incredible! The public sent us a message that night! “Do not worry, we came to have fun, to party and we are here to share that with you right now!” All the stress of the last minute changes disappeared instantly!

The show, Foto: D. Berndt

Would you like to come again to Bulgaria?

We’re dying to go back there. We were sad to leave the country. Short time, but too much emotion involved; too many nice people to leave… We’ll be back, I know it!

Would you please tell us something about your current and future projects?


I’m promoting my new lounge CD and my live concert “Chill out my wave”. I worked 5 years on it. Defining the sounds of CHILL OUT MY WAVE – although challenging may best be achieved by mentally picturing the palette of Vincent van Gogh: a wide array of many colors, some vibrant with others pastel, the whole achieving a sense of true completion. It’s a blend of Spanish and jazz guitar, timeless Buddhist thoughts, flamenco singers, soft rhythms – all enriched by ethereal electronic sounds.

If you want to get a feeling about the concerts, check it out in the following links below:

Link iTunes to Chill out my wave:

I’m planning to go back to Sofia in the beginning of Мarch. I’ll plan some promotional meetings and some showcases there. I’ll do also a photo session with a very talented Bulgarian photographer, Valentin Dimitrov. I admire a lot his creativity and his approach of light. I’m very excited about it.

I’ll let you know about it on my web site

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