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This Morning of a Snow

5 January, 2010 от · No comments

Donal Mahoney Photo: Marco Fedele To lie in bed this morning of a snow when neither of us has to go anywhere for hours at least. To sprawl and talk of what we hope for. Better, what we know the years will bring and contemplate just knowing we can see it all up there on […]


31 July, 2009 от · No comments

Photo: lmaji Morning comes out of the blue with free freshness and a babble of dying stars. The stairwell smells of coffee. Behind doors people are weightless. At bus stops they nestle against invisible pillows and hope to hear a voice announce False start. Morning is cancelled. Back to bed, all of you. Translated into […]

Sunny Morning

28 March, 2009 от · 1 comment

David Cazden Photo: yoppy Behind us, flashes of car windshields off the streets, students awaiting plates of food. We float conversation while the sky encircles us without a cloud.


24 September, 2008 от · No comments

Matt Urmy Photo: seanmcgrath Eyelids peel apart The body turns over Consciousness limps toward focus