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Almost Intimately

24 August, 2012 от · 47 comments

novel by Irina Papancheva Photo: Umberto Fistarol Part one David -1- „…there are inevitable things in life or at least we consider them inevitable which is indeed the same thing…” Christian Bobin, “La Folle Allure” In the dust of the spacious garret words are blending into a buzz. Words are thronging and brimming from all […]

“Worlds” by Vladimir Zarev – Excerpt II

21 March, 2012 от · No comments

Vladimir Zarev. Worlds. Sofia: Five Plus, 2006 Translated by Zlatko Anguelov and Elizabeth Frank Continued from: “Worlds”, Excerpt I Photo: drvglvd1 3. [The love encounter between Diana and Samuel takes place in a typical Balkan setting, far away from the world, amidst gunshots, self-aggrandizing talk, madness, and mysticism. It is the plot’s culmination where two […]

“Worlds” by Vladimir Zarev – Excerpt I

30 January, 2012 от · 3 comments

Vladimir Zarev. Worlds. Sofia: Five Plus, 2006 Translated by Zlatko Anguelov and Elizabeth Frank Photo: NJ.. 1. [Diana is the main female character in the novel. She was at one time married to Ventzi, an actor with a prestigious theatrical company in Sofia, and they have a daughter. Diana and Ventzi are divorced, but during […]

An extract from the novel “Bigdeal Tina”

23 July, 2010 от · No comments

Julia Spirirdonova Photo:pinksherbet Life sucks. If someone tries to tell you otherwise, don’t buy it. One has to be a complete idiot to be an optimist. I feel like dying when they tell me “Your life is yet to begin.” Couldn’t they come up with something better? Hellooo, not my life is yet to begin; […]

Nancy Jensen: As soon as I was able to write, I started writing down the things I imagined.

15 June, 2009 от · 1 comment

Katerina Stoykova-Klemer’s interview with writer Nancy Jensen Nancy Jensen is a graduate of the MFA in Writing Program at Vermont College. Her short stories and essays have appeared in numerous literary journals, including Northwest Review, Other Voices, Under the Sun, ACM: Another Chicago Magazine, and The Louisville Review. She is presently at work on a […]

The Cripple Who Danced When The House Was On Fire, Chapters 7-9

24 April, 2009 от · 1 comment

Raven Jordan VII. Photo: R’eyes’ Read chapters 4-6 here If there were any one thing in which the kingdom might count itself rich, it would be spies. Trouble was, for the most part they had little that they were specifically directed to do. The commissioners would meet their contacts and informants in strategic tavernas in […]

Slavic Interlude

19 March, 2009 от · No comments

David Cazden Photo: luigi morante Sali reads Turgenev, sits next to a girl with loose pants and a looped wallet chain. They talk in airy tones beside the diner window where the sky is dense

Book Review – Wild Dreams of Reality by Jerry Ratch

11 March, 2009 от · 2 comments

Michael Todd Burns Photo: Cia De Foto   In Jerry’s first novel we are introduced to Philip Janov, a man whose life has been squelched by obligations not of his own making. On an oft times hilarious ride through his life we see what a contentious older brother, a wildly erratic wife, and an insanely […]

Némirovsky’s Suite Française: The Birth of a Novel

26 February, 2009 от · 4 comments

Linda Cruise Photo: =ChevalieR= Since the late 1940s, thousands of published books have been written on the subject of World War II—a seemingly infinite number of stories could be told about this one finite historical event. Most of these works are nonfiction, but a significant body of that war’s literature exists in fiction form as […]