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Artist of the Week — Valeriy Poshtarov

11 June, 2012 от · 1 comment

Natalia Nikolaeva talks with Valeriy Poshtarov Translated by: Maya Mircheva Edited by: Lauren Sophie Kearney Photography means learning to see again. Aba Assa When I first discovered Valeriy Poshtarov’s photographs, I was very impressed by his work. It was like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, pieces of history, filled with emotional intensity. Afterwards, I discovered […]

Vassilen Vasevski: “Feel in Sync with the Beauty of the World”

29 March, 2012 от · 3 comments

An Interview with Vassilen Vasevski by Petia Hinkova Edited by: Lauren Sophie Kearney You define your style as “metaphysical romanticism”. Do you believe that this somehow reflects the time we live in? I have invented this term myself as an attempt to name the painting style I have been developing. But I also admit there […]

Artist of the Week — Jan Kaláb

19 March, 2012 от · No comments

An Interview with Artist Jan Kaláb by Elena Kapitanova How does it feel to leave a mark in so many different places where you work? I like that feeling of leaving somewhere and knowing that a little part of me stays there. Because as soon as I return, I go to see if my mark […]

The Week… Light with Zdzisław Beksiński

12 December, 2010 от · 4 comments

Zdzisław Beksiński, 1984 I am obsessed with the process of creation. In my paintings I never use any “means”. I paint them completely naively, just as I would be taking photos of my own dreams.

Artist of the Week – Vladimir Kush

1 November, 2010 от · 22 comments

Interview with Vladimir Kush by Galya Mladenova Vladimir Kush was born in 1965, in a small one-story wooden house on the northern edge of Moscow. Kush was a prodigy, showing artistic ability since he was three or four-years-old. At the age of seven, concurrent with general education, Vladimir began to attend art school until the […]

Artist of the Week – Leila Ataya

16 August, 2010 от · 3 comments

Interview with Leila Ataya by Galya Mladenova Leila Ataya was born in Russia, Moscow in 1979. From a very young age her life was strongly influenced by art. In 1995 she was accepted into Arts College in Russia, Moscow and continued her studies in watercolour and drawing. In 1996 she moved with her family to […]

Artist of the Week — Sue Nichol

26 July, 2010 от · 4 comments

Interview with Sue Nichol by Galya Mladenova Sue Nichol is a British artist who paints places with which she has strong associations and knows very well. She’s attracted to the ‘edges of the land’ – fabulous and varied coastlines or the rocky edges found throughout the British landscape. She paints using oils, acrylics and ink […]

Mona Youssef : Art is to Love

20 March, 2010 от · 10 comments

A Vanya Nikolaeva’s interview with the artist Mona Youssef I am happy to present you Mona Youssef – an inspiring person and a wonderful artist, whose art lifts the spirit like a feather in spring. Mona Youssef is a jury member of the international contest for visual arts “Light as Inspiration” (15 March 2010-15 April […]

The sensational experience of drawing – a deviation from reality, a fantasy and a game of Sophie Holstein’s imagination

16 January, 2010 от · No comments

An interview with artist Sophie Holstein by Maya Kolarova Photo: Personal archive Sophie Holstein – biography notes and artist statement I was born in 1983 in North of Germany. After I graduated from high school in 2003, I moved to Madrid for half a year to learn Spanish. I was curious to discover new places. […]

Tiphaine de Bodman’s vital need to create an artistic stratification of Nature

14 January, 2010 от · No comments

An interview with artist Tiphaine de Bodman by Maya Kolarova Photo: Personal archive Tiphaine has been trained in illustration and graphics, with an ongoing passion for drawing, and obtained an MA in Communication Design from Central Saint Martins in 2007. Tiphaine’s approach to drawing is unique in its meticulousness and compulsiveness. The laborious hours spent […]

Artist of the Week — Jill Mulleady

13 December, 2009 от · 3 comments

An interview with painter Jill Mulleady by Maya Kolarova Jill Mulleady – “a whirlpool of complex emotions” Photo: Personal archive Jill Mulleady (born 1980 in Uruguay) is a painter based in London. She studied theatre at Jacques Lecoq School (2002-03), Paris and MA Fine Arts at Chelsea College of Arts, London (2007–09). Jill Mulleady’s paintings […]

Anna Doherty: There Are No Shortcuts to Become a Good Artist

9 May, 2009 от · 12 comments

Mariana Velichkova’s interview with the artist Anna Doherty When and how did you realize that painting is your vocation? Basically most people know within themselves what they are good at. The same goes for me. I’ve always been artistic, but I did not pursue an artistic career until later in my life. I did not […]

Christo Kuzmanov: “Art is my destiny.”

11 April, 2009 от · 5 comments

Vanya Nikolaeva’s interview with the artist Christo Kuzmanov Christo Kuzmanov was born in Sofia, but has been living and creating art for 18 years in Sweden. His paintings have been exhibited in galleries in the USA, Germany, Denmark, Sweden and Bulgaria. He has taken part in charitable exhibitions and many connoisseurs own pieces of his […]

Art gives me the sense of travelling inside myself

10 March, 2009 от · No comments

Natalia Nikolaeva’s interview with Albena Popova “She indeed was not She She could talk with clouds She played at hide-and-seek and Fumbled the pockets of moods…” Albena Popova Our readers are familiar with Albena Popova’s original and unexpected whims, with her artistic surprises, with her collages, the colourful things she creates. Her experiments with words […]

Christine Kuhn: Anyone Can Be an Artist

3 February, 2009 от · 16 comments

Interview with Christine Kuhn by Katerina Stoykova-Klemer and Vanya Nikolaeva Christine Kuhn is a visual artist, activist and art instructor based in Lexington, KY. As an artist, Christine is interested in exploring topics which (outside of the realm of examinations of pathological states) are “swept under the rug” of modern western civilization. She investigates violence, […]

Paul Biddle – Artist of the Week

2 February, 2009 от · No comments

Vanya Nikolaeva Paul Biddle is an English Fine Art Photographer, whose work is beyond the limits of imagination. It opens the gates of an extraordinary world where everything you see could hardly be forgotten. “My inspiration and influences range from Renaissance art to Dadaism and Surrealism, from Picasso to the flotsam and jetsam that I […]

Things Found In the Wreckage of Angel 1508

14 January, 2009 от · 1 comment

Jerry Ratch Photo: chefranden A canister of unused laughter taken from the mouth of a baby not yet born A splinter of wood from a cross, perfectly preserved in dark tea taken from the belly of a dead Irishman A milky vial of smog taken from the air of Los Angeles circa 1965 A lock […]

Nanci, My First Wife, And Her Encounters with Salvador Dali

13 January, 2009 от · 2 comments

Alan Rosin Photo: daquellamanera Nanci was a force of nature. She had thick chestnut brown hair, green eyes and was nearly 5′ 10″ tall. She exuded confidence and style. When we were together, people’s attention was always focused on her, which was just fine with me. Her father designed and manufactured fine jewelry, and was […]

Artist of the Week – Andre Demers

29 December, 2008 от · 3 comments

Vanya Nikolaeva Andre Demers is a 36 years old painter from Montreal, whose paintings are associated with Pop Art and Optical art, but he is inspired by constructivism and surrealism. He has given his work the name of Pop-Op art. Andre Demers has been painting for more than 14 years now. He has completed his […]

I Dream to Keep Feeling

25 November, 2008 от · 1 comment

Interview with Artist Iliana Ivanova by Natalia Nikolaeva After having presented a small virtual exhibition with paintings of the young artist Iliana Ivanova, I suggest that we try to see in my interview with her, her point of view about art and the meaning painting has in her life.